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A 12-year-old Texas girl is accused of shooting herself and her father in a murder pact.


The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) of the Parker County Sheriff is looking into an incident that resulted in two people being sent to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

Sheriff of Parker County Russ Authier reported that the event happened on Tuesday night at 11:30 p.m. at a residence in the northwest of Parker County,just west of Fort Worth, with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head and a revolver under her body.

What Sheriff Discovered When they Arrive?

When sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene of a shooting, they discovered a 12-year-old girl laying in the street with what appeared to be a head wound from a bullet.

The father of the youngster, 38, was discovered inside the home of the family, his abdomen shot by a gun.

The sheriff’s office reported on Tuesday. Authorities claimed they discovered the father, 38, inside the home with an abdomen gunshot wound. According to the sheriff’s office, investigators think the child shot her father, ran away, and then shot herself. The male and female were transported to nearby hospitals by ambulance.

When asked about their circumstances or whether the girl had been charged, a sheriff’s office official did not react right away.

Authorities claimed that the shooting was a part of a murderous scheme the girl, who lives about 230 miles southeast of Weatherford with another girl in Lufkin, had made weeks earlier.

The Lufkin girl has been charged with criminal conspiracy for allegedly conspiring to kill her father, according to the Parker County Sheriff’s Office. Lufkin police have also launched an investigation into the allegations made against the daughter.

The young Suspect was Found Sleeping down Next to a Weapon

Investigators from the Sheriff’s CID learned that the young suspect had been planning to kill her family and pets for several weeks and had spoken with a little girl from Lufkin, Texas, about the murder scheme.

The other little girl had intended to kill her father as well, but she abandoned her plans.After that, the teenagers intended for the Weatherford suspect to drive to Lufkin, meet up with the second teenager suspect, and then flee with them both to Georgia.

The incident is also being looked into by Lufkin Police.The Lufkin minor has been accused of participating in the murder plot through criminal conspiracy, according to Parker County Sheriff’s Office investigators.

The sheriff’s department does not name young suspects.Therefore, in order to preserve the privacy of the adults, they have not  disclosed their names.The matter is still in its early stages and is being actively investigated, according to Sheriff Authier.

According to Sheriff Authier, “details provided regarding this case of Buffalo shooting will be limited due to the injuries, the youngsters’ ages, and the sensitive subject matter.”Parker County Sheriff Russ Authier noted that the investigation is ongoing and that “details provided on this case will be limited due to the injuries, the children’ age, and the sensitive subject matter.”

Background of the Case

The case of a Buffalo shooting by Texas girl who allegedly killed herself and her father has generated widespread media attention.

According to reports, 14-year-old Maddie Meyer hanged herself and her father, Gregory Meyer, 57, after an argument about family finances. Maddie’s mother told police that her daughter became angry after learning that their family’s food budget had been cut by almost 70% due to Gregory’s job loss.

In a heartbreaking note found at the scene of the crime, Maddie wrote “I’m sorry for everything. I love you dad.” Gregory was rushed to the hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Maddie is being charged with capital murder and is currently being held without bond at a juvenile detention center.

What led to the Girl’s Suicide?

According to the police report, the girl had been in a very emotional state leading up to her suicide. She reportedly told her father that she was thinking about ending her life because she was “angry and scared.” In addition, the girl’s social media posts suggest that she may have been experiencing some form of mental health issues.

While it is still unclear what caused the Girl’s Suicide, it is important to keep in mind that there is always hope and support available for those struggling with mental health issues. If you or someone you know is in need of help, please reach out for assistance.


In what is being called a tragic and shocking incident, a young Texas girl has been accused of murdering herself and her father. According to reports, 18-year-old Alexandria Pilkington killed her father, 54-year-old Donald Pilkington, by shooting him multiple times with a handgun before taking her own life on Wednesday evening. Authorities say there were no signs of forced entry into the family home, which suggests that the tragedy might have befallen as a result of an argument or conflict between the two parties. Our thoughts go out to everyone involved in this heartbreaking situation.

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