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A Hip-Hop Musician With a Purpose: Sir Eliot Ness Baldwin

Eliot Ness Baldwin

Not everyone in the music industry paints their canvases with colors of entertainment and self-expression. While others use music as a form of eustress, some maneuver it as a means to tell a story of grit, passion, and self-love.

The said concept of using music as a storytelling device holds true for the up-and-coming hip-hop artist, Sir Eliot Ness Baldwin. The budding musician is known for utilizing his songs as a tool for inspiring them to move forward with their lives.

Hailing from a city that unconventionally treats hip-hop, Eliot Ness had his fair share of struggles and victories in rising above the hip-hop scene. However, these challenges did not hinder him from delivering his purpose to the world. If anything, it made him more motivated to declare himself triumphant in this dog-eat-dog industry.

For someone who considers himself as an artist beyond the walls of entertainment, he owes much of his musical exposure to his older sister, the Lady Rage of The Dogg Pound. She has continued to sail through testing waters with her amazing songs and undeniable talent. Because of the successes that the Lady Rage has obtained in her career, Eliot Ness became more eager to create his path in the industry and rise jubilantly.

Together with a brave face, Eliot Ness packed his bag full of mixtapes and set out to embark on his journey toward entering the entertainment industry. As he climbed toward the pinnacle of every artist’s dream, Eliot Ness was able to collaborate with some of the most remarkable faces of the hip-hop world, such as Paul Wall, Daz Dillinger, Scarface, Willie D, Devin the Dude, Luenell, and Lil Jon. Proving to be the next big thing, his joint efforts with these artists captured the attention of media giants like MTV and VH1 that highlighted some of his musical works for the whole world to listen to.

Seemingly reaching the summits of success did not stop himself from creating more pieces of art. As he continues to catch the hearts of many like-minded individuals, this artist’s discography allowed him to showcase his potential of becoming a future powerhouse in the hip hop scene. 

His newly-released album entitled, It’s Me Pt. 1, carries on to gain positive traction from many listeners around the globe. A similar degree of attention was also given to his other singles entitled “Mary Jane,” which features Luenell, Devin the Dude, Yung Redd, and Tony Mack, “Small Time GMix” alongside Scarface, Willie D, and Daz Dillinger, and “Fast Lane” which is performed together with Hogg Booma.

However, behind the gilt edges of his purpose in creating music lies advocacy larger than his existence. Aside from being an artist, Eliot Ness is also a patron for health awareness of congenital heart disease and lupus, and accessible health care facilities for struggling communities.

To Eliot Ness, being a musician endowed with a large platform should entail a purpose that serves to benefit society as a whole. As an artist, he hopes to be remembered by many as a valued contributor to society rather than an entertainer. To know more about Sir Eliot Ness Baldwin, you may visit his website.

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