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Achieve Financial Freedom Through Credit Consulting with Malik Hall’s Universal Credit Clinic.

Malik Hall

Credit is a double-edged sword—it can become one’s downfall, but in the right hands, it is a formidable weapon. A good credit score brings a wealth of benefits, such as good rates on cars and insurance, lower interest rates on loans, access to perks, and rewards in many forms. On the other hand, a bad credit score can not only bring higher rates but even rejection of loan and job applications altogether. Malik Hall is a credit consultant who found his place in the industry after his own mishaps with bad credit.

Credit scores reflect a person’s creditworthiness—that is, higher credit scores are associated with the likelihood of a person to pay dues on time. The scores are generated based on many factors, including the number of open accounts, total debt, and repayment history. Still, given unfavorable conditions, people can get bad credit by unwillingly failing to fulfill financial obligations to credit institutions.

Malik Hall founded Universal Credit Clinic, a Southeastern-based company that caters to clients from across the United States and Canada. Clients with extremely low credit scores can get their scores repaired to enjoy the benefits of good credit. On the other hand, even clients with good credit scores can benefit from the services offered by the company. There is always room for improvement, and even clients with a considerably high score can grow their scores even further.

It was through extensive research that Malik Hall learned about the in-and-out of credit and credit repair. Once he grew confident of the depth of his knowledge on the matter, he reached out to various creditors and got three major credit bureaus to remove the negative items in his credit report. The process had been full of uncertainty, embarrassment, and overall negativity, and the relief of successfully getting through it was palpable. It was then that he realized that he wanted to help others be free of the weight that bad credit has on one’s shoulders.

Given such a background, the credit repair consultant can connect to the company’s clients on a personal and professional level, which is more than can be said about existing creditors and credit repair specialists. This connection drives him to care for each task with passion and transparency, which, in turn, builds the client’s confidence and respect for the company. These qualities are his greatest assets, as mapping out a plan with the clients helps build rapport and establish an understanding of how they will achieve success.

With a team of highly qualified credit repair consultants, the company hopes to grow to cater to more national clients. The company helps improve its clients’ credit scores to the best that it can be, and it caters to everyone regardless of status or situation with no judgment. Credit is vital as it can affect almost every personal necessity. The company operates with the belief that nobody should be hindered from living the life they want with the things.

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