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Adwire and Ecommerce Marketing Agency Partnership Is Set to Change the E-commerce Game

Adwire and Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Many partnerships don’t work out as time goes on, and that’s just a part of a business journey. Kasra Moradi (founder) and Gage Flesher (founder) figured out how to make it work.

Both founders are 20 years old and live in San Diego California. Kasra was originally from Sacramento, California and Gage came from Murrieta, CA. After mutually being introduced to one another through an e-commerce community chat, they began to work together building e-commerce brands that were generating over 6 figures a month. They ended up buying a house to lock down and take their businesses to the next level after working together and seeing explosive success together prior to ever meeting in person.

This work did not come easy. Working day in and day out, they developed systems that allowed them to push out e-commerce brands like clockwork and run effective marketing campaigns, generating them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Over the last three years, Kasra and Gage generated a combined total of over 7 million dollars for both their personal e-commerce brands and clients brands. After building and testing hundreds of different stores, they formed their results-based marketing agency called Adwired. Adwired helps take the stress off of the marketing side of e-commerce for store owners. They realized this had a huge demand as they saw many e-commerce brands going broke, wasting thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing or just making random facebook campaigns with absolutely no structure.

During the beginning of the pandemic, Kasra and Gage were introduced to Steven Ridzyowski of Ecommerce Marketing Agency. Steven also provides an exclusive turnkey service for clients who are looking to get started in e-commerce and Shopify. Steven has over 10 years of experience in online marketing with various niches and their prospective industries. He’s a member of the Forbes Business Council and was featured in LA Wire’s 40 under 40 List and many other new publications and podcasts. 

As Steven started to scale and take on more clients, he reached out to Gage and Kasra of Adwired to create an exclusive partnership this month. Steve considered this a no-brainer because of the proven results Adwired already had and how hungry they are to scale.  Adwire will become lead of the Social Media Buying Department for Ecommerce Marketing Agency. This partnership is the beginning of what will end up being the best e-commerce service for all clients in various niches as they all specialize in product trends and brand building. Steven, Gage, and Kasra are expecting to have an enormous Q4 for this year, doubling what they did last Q4. Both agencies are providing the best atmosphere internally for their respective agencies as well as for all their clients respectively

Steven believes this partnership between Adwired and Ecommerce Marketing Agency will be cemented as what’s best to come for ecommerce, and our goals and expectations are limitless!

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