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AI Executive, Gary Fowler Launches Live Streaming Show “Silicon Valley Tech & AI”

Gary Fowler

Gary Fowler, having founded a number of successful startups and award winning growth-stage AI venture studio, GSD Venture Studios, has launched a new live streaming show which will feature interviews with world renowned thought leaders, bringing them together to speak about trends and the future of global technology and AI. 

The first episode offers a peek into emerging Emotion AI and Going Global, featuring AI serial entrepreneur, Dr. David Yang, CEO and Co-Founder of and Founder of ABBYY. This installment is the first of many deep dives into the most exciting industry of the 21st century.

Based in Silicon Valley, David is a member of the Band of Angels and has the most captivating journey that brought him to where he is today. He started his first company, ABBYY, back in 1989 when he was in his 4th year as a student at MIPT. The company became a global success over the years. Thousands of companies and more than 50 million users in 200 countries rely on ABBYY applications and solutions. David’s newest project is called Morpheus which was the topic of discussion.

“I am delighted to have David Yang as the first guest on my show to discuss and his newest project Morpheus” – Gary

As a pioneer in digital intelligence Mr. Yang joined Gary on July 7th, 2020 for a discussion on emotion AI and, more specifically what David calls his pet project; Morpheus. David is building a futuristic home in Silicon Valley. The home has moveable walls that are controlled by AI consciousness, also known as Morpheus. Morpheus controls all electrical circuits, water, heating, coffee maker, dishwasher, lighting, security and is connected to the internet. The duo also discussed artificial emotional intelligence and how David has trained Morpheus.

“Morpheus is reading thousands of articles about free will, happiness, consciousness, philosophy, and trending news. He will learn how to compose music and draw too. – David

You can tune into these fascinating and value packed discussions on Facebook and Youtube. The show promises to feature the industries best twice a month, with the next guest being Dr. Andy Pardoe – Principal Director for Artificial Intelligence at Accenture Digital, and one of the leading global authorities on AI. 

Dr. Pardoe is also an international speaker, author and thought leader on the topic of Artificial Intelligence, and in 2017, he was listed by IBM Watson in the Top 30 AI Influencers globally. In 2020, Andy was an advisor to the film documentary We Need to Talk about AI and co-author of The AI Book and is the host of THE AI FUTURE SHOW available as a Podcast and Live Video Talk Show. 

The next installment goes live on July 21st where Gary and Andy will discuss – Why AI Startups Need a New Business Model.

The Silicon Valley Tech and AI show airs twice a month – every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 9am PST.

Link to view on Facebook Channel.

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