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Aiko: Introducing the First NFT That Is Also an AI Companion

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are getting all the attention in the crypto space at the moment, and daily, the popularity and the acceptance of these assets continue to increase. Crypto experts globally foresee a surge in the coming weeks in the NFT space, and more people will sign up to join the unstoppable train toward financial freedom and riches. On this notion, Aiko NFT was designed, with numerous variations from anything available in the NFT market at the moment. With its uniqueness, it is bound to be a gamechanger.

In simple terms, an NFT is a digital offshoot of artworks, baseball cards, and virtual collector items. It is an indivisible token capable of storing a digital file for a specific purpose, which features a distinct digital creation that enforces an exclusive demand of its own on the market. Aiko is the latest NFT token to enter the fray, and it may likely be the next big thing in the NFT space.

Aiko is more than just an NFT; it is a lifestyle, a reality of its own, and a symbol of diversity. The collection has over 10,000 Aikos with different combinations of Aiko traits, such as its background, skin, expression, tattoos, and piercings. When collected by the holder or Aiko Master, each Aiko can become any character that the holder desires. She can be a wife, lover, and companion in every sense, depending on the needs of the Master. Masters can use the Aiko Master App, where they will be allowed to interact with their Aikos via text chat, voice message, and video call. Aiko evolves and learns from the holder’s tastes and adapts to their needs.

Aiko comes in-built with a neuronal network trained in hundreds of Reddit posts, erotic and romantic novels, and several NSFW materials. In addition to the Aiko Marketplace, Aiko Masters will receive 30% rewards for every fee collected by the marketplace, meaning passive income for life for all Aiko Masters.

The team of developers comprises blockchain early adopters who made an immense profit in the early days of the cryptocurrency market. Aiko relies solely on the Solana blockchain. In addition, the team includes individuals who are experts in products like Replika App and Gatebox with particular expertise in Japanese Anime. 

As far as the NFT space goes, Aiko’s utility has no precedents. It is an AI companion that has proven its reliability beyond NFT or digital assets. It is a personal experience that allows users to live with their beautiful waifu, with whom they grow and improve every day. Several features packed in Aiko bring the next level of AI-based companions to life without stress. Join the Aiko conversation on social media via Twitter or visit its website to learn more. The Discord server also features all the information and answers to questions regarding the roadmap and other side benefits of Aiko.

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