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Akil Victor Leaves A Mark With History-Making VT Media

Akil Victor

The wireless accessory world has not seen much of its share of minority-owned distribution companies. But as one of the California area leaders for wireless technology and gadgets, VT Media is making history as one of the first black-owned companies in the industry. And at its helm is entrepreneur, essayist, and novelist, Akil Victor. 

Akil is the CEO and founder of Victor Media LLC, which houses the brand VT Media. The company is best known for its commitment to quality products, innovative performance, and exceptional customer care. The cell phone accessory provider prides itself on going above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. The company has excelled in the area of sales and performance in the last few years. As an entrepreneur, Akil looks like he’s been doing this all his life. Which is why it comes as a surprise when most people discover what Akil’s background looks like. 

In many ways, the successful businessman considers himself an underdog. “I’m the product of my environment and someone who chose to not remain another statistic in the system,” shares Akil Victor. “I am the guy that you both root for and root against as I continually work to eradicate tragedies with triumph while being one of a kind in terms of ethnicity in my brand’s field.”

Akil grew up in the inner city of Inglewood, California. He did not have the best influences and upbringings. Consequently, Akil would make life decisions that would take him down a downhill trajectory. One wrong decision after another would land him a hefty sentence in prison. But one healthy habit that Akil carried with him since childhood was his love for reading. While incarcerated, Akil Victor would commit himself to educating himself and improving his mindset, character, and skills. 

In time, Akil would find solace in writing original literary content. He started writing a series of short stories. Later, his works would turn into critically acclaimed works on Amazon. One of his most notable works is the fiction story, “She Rode The Bus,” which follows the narrative of an aspiring rap artist who deals with love, loss, and the challenges of growing up in the inner cities of Los Angeles. Some of Akil’s other literary works include the titles “The Legend of Wantonda: Volume 1,” “The Watcher,” “The Cash Closet,” and “Black, Blue, and Purple Pain: A Domestic Violence Awareness Anthology.” His works have gathered a solid fan base through time and gained multiple four and five-star ratings on various channels, most notably on Amazon.

Today, as a successful entrepreneur and writer, Akil Victor hopes to use his story to inspire others to not give up in life. He knows all too well the challenges of having a marred past, yet in his failings and setbacks, Akil found a way to bounce back. Today, he hopes to spread that same message of hope and triumph to others, especially those who grew up in poor and broken neighborhoods.

Akil hopes to one day build VT Media up into an international brand that makes lists like the Fortune 500. He also aspires to become a motivational speaker for the benefit of aspiring entrepreneurs and at-risk youth who hope to create a better life for themselves outside of troubled streets. 

To learn more about Akil Victor and his company VT Media, by checking out the company website. Visit Akil’s Amazon page, as well, to check out his literary works.

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