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Alison Bowles: Inside the Life of a Model, Entrepreneur, and Skin Cancer Survivor

Alison Bowles

Photo by @tirro

Alison Bowles is a blogger, entrepreneur, and skin cancer survivor who is making a significant buzz in the modeling industry as she breaks the traditional modeling standards for women. Moreover, she also takes the lead in skin cancer education and awareness through her non-profit group YOUv Radiance Charity.

Having been featured on Maxim Australia and New Zealand, Alison Bowles is on a mission to prove that models need not be as tall as 5 ft. 8, nor do they need to be super skinny. In fact, this successful international model only stands 5 ft. 3 and possesses a muscular body toned by working out. Still, she has made a significant name for herself in the modeling arena, signed with MMG NY agency, and she continues to dominate the industry with the unconventional features she brings to the table. 

Alison Bowles is quickly rising as an influencer on Instagram, amassing more than 138,500 followers. Her travel photos showcasing beautiful tropical islands and hot spots from all over the world have kept her followers in-awe and curious about how she edits her photos. By popular demand, she has even put up her photo editing preset packs on sale for those interested. Her official blog website, “Wander in Heels,” features more contents on her travels. 

Every week, Alison Bowles visits new beautiful places to keep her blog and social media contents up and going. From this, she has worked seamlessly with hotels and tourism boards of different countries that have accommodated her in her travels. 

Aside from her modeling and blogging career, she is also the founder of a non-profit organization called YOUv Radiance Charity with a mission to spread awareness and education on the fundamentals of skin cancer and the prevention methods people can take as precautionary measures. The establishment of the charity stemmed from a personal life-changing experience that Alison Bowles herself faced when she was diagnosed with skin cancer at only 22 years old. Since then, she has committed herself to help others fight against the illness. 

On top of it all, Alison Bowles also sits as a successful entrepreneur managing Slay Miami, a CBD sports recovery center, and Lacy Coe, an online boutique, alongside her fiance, Adeiny Hechavarria of Atlanta Braves, who has been consistently supporting her in her career endeavors.

Ultimately, the petite model hopes to continue challenging the industry standards of modeling. She seeks to remind aspiring models that these laid-down standards should not hinder them from reaching their dreams. “You have to be confident in yourself and confident in the plans that God has for you. What he has planned, nobody can stop,” expressed Alison Bowles. 

Indeed, all that she has achieved today began as a vision in her mind, which she chose to pursue despite the challenges that came along with them. From seeing others becoming successful while doing what they love to do, Alison Bowles asked herself one question: “If they can do it, why can’t I?” This is the same question she hopes to make people ask themselves.Learn more about Alison Bowles by visiting her official website and Instagram.

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