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Amy Matsushima, Founder of “Women Of Crypto” Successfully Shrinking the Gender Gap In the Crypto World

In this male-dominated age, some women are toiling hard to make the underrepresented and talented individuals such as them known among the masses. However, eradicating such old paramountcy requires a lot of hard work and investment of time. If we talk about crypto, the majority investing and thriving in this industry are the male members which begs the question of why women aren’t as much interested as men when it carries a multitude of financial benefits suited for both genders? According to a source, only 15% of the women are involved in bitcoin trading which indicates that women’s activity in the crypto sector needs to increase substantially. To make this possible, Amy Matsushima founded “Women Of Crypto” to empower and encourage women to participate in the cryptocurrency business. 

Amy Matsushima has always had a business and entrepreneurial mindset. Her interest and will to prosper in the business sector can be guesstimated by taking a look at the fact that she initiated her first start in the third grade where she started selling handmade bracelets and garnered a suitable revenue. She started her cryptocurrency trade and investment journey in 2019 due to her passion and inquisitiveness in the crypto world. Furthermore, Amy is also into the cars and boats rental business which makes her one of the most influencing, sharp, and empowering women in the crypto trading sector. All thanks to “Woman Of Crypto” Amy is finally achieving her goal— that is to increase the number of women in cryptocurrency to avoid getting raised eyebrows and surprised looks from people who see her prosper. 

“Women Of Crypto” is a collection of 8888, 3D rendered avatar NFTs for women. We all are familiar with the fact that NFTs have the potential of becoming the ultimate source of income for women with creative talents. People interested in selling their art now have a solid and reliable way of doing so by converting their artwork into NFTs. Every 3D avatar in “Women Of Crypto” is a unique one so that the exceptional characteristics of every woman can be expressed and appreciated digitally. These NFT avatars can be used in Metaverse as they provide access to various member-only benefits and activities. WOC is also working on Men Of Crypto avatars that will be launching in March 2022 and if you are already a WOC NFT owner, they will be airdropping you a free MOC NFT soon after the launch. 

Amy’s primary focus was to create a solid and stable foundation for her endeavor and to achieve that their roadmap is supported by various investors and charity organizations一 Crypto Chicks and Women Who Code. About 50% of the profit is donated to these charities so that they can empower women in an even more efficient way. Moreover, they invest 25% of their royalties to help out WOC holders in growing their small businesses into big ones. 

Women Of Crypto is based on the Ethereum blockchain with IPFS file hosting. The gender gap can be extremely uncomfortable sometimes for the women who are already in the crypto world as they are often underestimated or are at the receiving end of surprised looks. So, the main motto of the “Women Of Crypto” project is to educate and empower the underrepresented people in the crypto realm; this way, they will be able to achieve gender equality in the crypto sector within no time. 

The Women Of Crypto family is growing bigger as each day passes which brings Amy closer to her goal of introducing women to the cryptocurrency world. It was due to various disparities that motivated Amy to build Women Of Crypto and make space for talented and deserving women in the global marketplace. She urges the women to find the Woman of Crypto in themselves and embrace it.