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Andrea Cordero, aka addiRockArt, Strives to Build a Tribe of Creatives Boosting Creatives

Andrea Cordero

After helping creatives, musicians, and influencers rise to fame, Andrea Cordero, better known as addiRockART, feels that it’s finally time to focus on herself. The artist has thrived in the digital space over the last 15 years, from the days of Myspace to today’s social media platforms. Through it all, she has remained consistent in showcasing the vibrancy of her Mexican heritage through her art.

addiRockART is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Born to a Mexican immigrant father, and an American mother, the artist feels a profound responsibility of honoring her lineage, as well as showcasing her Italian and Aztec heritage. As diverse as her family background is, Andrea strives to present a culmination of all the different cultures that made her into the Chicana woman she is today. She has traveled across the United States and the UK, exploring art practices and meeting other creatives, all contributing to the broadening of her perspective as an artist. 

addiRockART has worked alongside other creators in almost every form of art—music, film, digital art, fine art, and more. The artist has also worked in studio and live sound, set design, and acting. With her diverse background, Andrea produces distinct pieces that make her stand a cut above the rest in the industry. Digging deeper into her Mexican roots, the artist has continually left audiences in awe of her colorful Calavera portraits of modern muses, usually accompanied by profound song lyrics. 

For as long as she can remember, addiRockART has supported other creatives in the dreams. “I used to volunteer and help people on Warped Tour, all who have had recording careers and now self-named, successful brands,” shared Andrea. Recently, she has also furthered the fame of people from the Pokémon community through Youtube. The artist has done so much as a helping hand for other Dreamers, and now she wants to pursue her own career path.

“I want to be a full-time creative, support my family, and be able to actually champion causes with some authority. It’s amazing to see what others have achieved, and I want to be in a place to give back,” said addiRockART. Still, Andrea stays authentic in her mission to bring creatives together and uplift struggling cities like Baltimore, Maryland, and Peterborough, UK through the arts.

Amid the pandemic, addiRockART has played a crucial role in raising awareness for several brands and charities by amplifying their individual campaigns on whatever platform she can access. She spearheaded multiple campaigns, and recently donated art for the “COVAID” campaign in support of Mask our Heroes, to gather PPE for modern heroes across the UK. Andrea, while dreaming of success of her own, remains hopeful in bringing others along with her. She wants to help struggling creatives and artists from minority groups to grow and achieve the career they dream of.

Additionally, addiRockART is also a survivor of an assault and robbery. Held at gunpoint, the experience has permanently left her with PTSD and other emotional trauma that one acquires after such crimes. She now seeks to shed light on people with PTSD and build a more inclusive society that would sympathize with people like herself. Furthermore, as a Baltimore native, Andrea witnessed the Black Lives Matter movement’s formation at the grassroots level and strongly showed her support through her platforms.

Learn more about addiRockArt on her website and Instagram.

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