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Andrew Meinster and His Journey to Becoming a Top Commercial Insurance Agent

Andrew Meinster

People can work for many years in the same company or industry and still get nowhere, owing to their work rate. Andrew Meinster, an insurance agent who hasn’t been in the game for too long, has been going further than other seasoned agents.

Andrew Meinster hails from Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Lower Merion High School. He would go on to Drexel University to get a degree in Sports Management with a minor in Marketing. Shortly after graduating, he went to work in a local insurance agency.

After a brief stint there, Andrew joined Nottingham Insurance as a commercial insurance producer in 2014. Despite being a rookie, he quickly established himself as one of the agency’s top performers. Andrew began to develop a passion for the automotive services industry, mainly specializing in towing and repair operations. Andrew was further motivated by the ability to make a lasting impression on business owners. The first three years at Nottingham he would wake up at 3AM, drive an hour to the office, and start his work. 

Andrew is just as competitive when it comes to servicing clients as he is with bringing a new client on. What sets him apart from other agents is his ability to form meaningful friendships that are real and continue after business hours. With his easy-going nature and clear desire to help, his clients have trust in him. 

Despite having been in the insurance industry for only seven years, Andrew is emerging in the top 1 percent of Property & Casualty Insurance agents.  Andrew’s ambition is to grow his book of business further while still making it a top priority to service his existing clients.  

To find out more about Andrew Meinster & Nottingham Insurance, you may visit their  website.

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