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Animated NFT Series Worm City Announces Launch Date With Exciting Roadmap for Holders

Where Bitcoin was hailed as the digital answer to currency, NFTs are currently taking the digital art and collectibles world by storm. They are now being touted as the digital answer to collectables to represent ownership of any unique asset. However, aside from being a one-of-a-kind financial asset, NFT tokens like Worm City are also evolving artwork offering unique animated characters with a storytelling approach on the sophisticated Ethereum Blockchain algorithm to its holders.

Worm City is a unique collection of 11,111 pixel-perfect worms inspired by the Rick and Morty series with familiar emotions, meme poses, clothes and attributes. This peaceful city of Wormshington, established in 1990, is one of the most fascinating and modern cities in North Wormerica. It is populated with hardworking and sincere Worms who live their lives with pleasure and passion. For many worms in other parts of the country, Wormshington represents a  great example of hardworking worms and the government providing the best quality of life for its citizens. They dream of living and working here. However, what if the peaceful world is just a facade, and everyday complications exist beneath the picture-perfect image?

To be launched on November 10, Season one of Worm City introduces the citizens of Wormshington, and the story begins with James Bullworm: a crypto trader who lives in Central Queens District. He got funds from investors to run short trades on ETH, which yielded no profit and broke up with his girlfriend Doctor Penny. To cover his debts, he started seeking employment while facing a stint with law enforcement for embezzlement. The judge to consider his case is Judge Davis, the father of James’ ex-girlfriend, Penny. 

With 18 unique animated worms from the legendary kind, epic worms and worm citizens to the ultimate worm Mayor, the collection’s algorithm combines over 4,343+ attributes to provide holders with the rarest possible ratio on the NFT market. Furthermore, as the ultimate worm Mayor, holders will get exclusive features with an extra value from future roadmap products and passive income together with 10ETH instant reward to the first wallet meeting Mayor requirements. 

To become a Mayor and get early access to the exclusive packages on the marketplace, earn 20% of fees from secondary sales and 5% of all sales on the marketplace, and get private features in upcoming projects and seasons, there are basic requirements that must be met a roadmap to follow. The first step in achieving your ambition as Mayor is to be the first to collect 13 NFTs with the same element and numbers from 1 to 13 and any unique animated NFT, making a total of 14 NFTs. The second stage of the roadmap is the Mayor election will be computed by algorithms to select the wallet that collected all items first. The winner will be announced on Worm City Discord channel and Twitter. The final stage of the roadmap is choosing the Mayor gender will be done by voting by the NFT owners. 

To stand a chance of becoming a Mayor and reap the mouth-watering offers, holders can purchase a Wormshinton citizen on the website after its official launch on November 10 at the initial price of 0.08ETH. With one wallet address, holders can mint a maximum of 30 worms out of 11,111 items per transaction, but they can also create multiple wallets to mint more and gain the rarest NFTs in Wormshington. The purchased worm can be viewed in the holder’s private wallet and on in ~24 hours after the sale together with its rarity. Wormshington devs are also developing a system that rewards holders that hold many worms on their wallets: for example, 10 common worms give you a 10% discount on marketplace and higher APY for staking.

In addition to the exclusive package of the Mayor worm, the developers behind the animated project also want to reward early holders who believe in the solid roadmap and exponential growth of the Worm City ecosystem through community challenges and rewards. To learn more about Worm City and its upcoming launch, visit its official website. You can also visit its Twitter and Instagram for updates and join its Discord server for news and announcements.

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