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Anna Paulette Igniting Runways and Screens All Over

Anna Paulette

Making it as a model can be challenging. Conquering the acting world is equally as hard. Excelling in both is nearly impossible, yet that’s what model and actor Anna Paulette has done. The stellar performer and runway personality is carving a place for herself in the entertainment and media industry. And there’s nothing that can stand between her and her biggest dreams.

Anna is from El Centro, California. She started modeling early on, getting gigs at the age of fifteen years old. In the next ten years, Anna would plunge into acting and modeling as a profession. She has appeared on numerous runways, films, television commercials, and print promotions all across the nation. 

People in the fashion industry might remember Anna Paulette from the Flat Iron Workshop campaign in New York and God Save Queens at New York Fashion Week. She has also modeled for many fashion legends, including the well-celebrated designer Pineda Covalin. Other runways that Anna has appeared on include Macy’s, PaperLove, Semana de la Moda, Bibimaldo, F.I.T. New York, Bridal Week, ArtHeart Fashion Week, Couture Fashion Week, and the Mother Ball, to name a few. An international runway star, Anna has been all over the world. She has cat walked on stages in countries like the United States, Mexico, and many other parts of the world.

On top of her modeling work, Anna does acting as well. She has appeared in many notable movie titles. One of her more notable appearances includes starring on Amazon Prime TV’s program 21st Century Demon Hunter and the FOX classic Prodigal Son. Anna has also played roles in many other shows, including Fosse/Verdon and Bishop’s Cove. On top of television and film work, she also works on commercial films, like promotional videos for brands like Purple Throne and Sony. She also appeared on the music video for musician Leslie Shaw’s hit single “BOMBON.”

Anna Paulette is not your average model/actress. What sets her apart is her unique perspective on her profession. To Anna, she isn’t in the modeling or acting business. She considers herself an emotional translator, bringing out people’s emotions through her work. “I believe that the true essence of being an actress is more than just portraying roles,” shares Anna. “Any role in the entertainment industry for that matter entails bringing people’s feelings out and amplifying them in a way that creates a memorable experience.”

The emotional translator is quick to speak of her passion for her craft. To her, it’s not just about getting on stage or in front of the camera. Anna’s love for film and fashion comes from an innate desire to inspire others and invoke emotions that give audiences a memorable, even cathartic experience. This passion is what makes Anna Paulette a brilliant performer. With over fifteen years of professional experience, she has much to offer both crowds and crew. Anna trained with The Acting Studio and The Markland Studio, some of today’s best acting schools. The professional entertainer also has had mentorship opportunities with the likes of Richard Kline.

Today, Anna lives in New York City, where she has worked as a model and actor for over four years. She hopes to move to Los Angeles to discover new opportunities for more significant projects in the entertainment capital. To learn more about Anna Paulette and her work, visit her IMDB profile, website, or Instagram.

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