Anthony Pratt Challenges Professionals to Imagine More and Be Bold

Anthony Pratt

Within every industry is a small fringe of players that look beyond just succeeding and hope to become an agent of change. They hope to redefine the way things happen in the scene and create trends that will forever transform how people play the game. One such pioneer is Anthony “Ape” Pratt, a business owner who is out to change the way people view and practice talent management. 

Anthony Pratt runs “Gorilla With a Pen,” a premiere branding and media company  that works with some of tomorrow’s brightest influencers spanning across esports, professional sports, entertainment and media to name a few. However, Gorilla With a Pen is more than a talent agency. It’s an institution that stands for innovation and the trailblazing ways of man. “We create opportunities for socially conscious innovators, businesses, and talent who choose to look at the future differently,” declares the company.

Before moving into the entertainment world, Anthony Pratt served in the United States Army for a season of his life. Upon returning to civilian life, he wanted to come into a role that would help other people and highlight his passion for entertainment. He jumped into an entertainment role and started working his way up the ranks. A native of South Central Los Angeles, Anthony is all too familiar with adversity. But he has developed a tenacity and persistence that has allowed him to overcome even the biggest challenges life threw his way.

Today, Anthony has broken through and continues to hit milestone after milestone. As the helm and commander-in-charge of Gorilla With a Pen, he challenges the status quo by developing groundbreaking strategies that work. “We understand that there is a story to tell and we enjoy creating it for our clients,” shares Anthony.

Gorilla With a Pen features a diversified executive board that has professionally worked in various segments, including esports, cosplay, television, film, voice-over work, real estate, music and comedy. The company’s team has collectively worked with brands and companies such as Creative Artists Agency, Walt Disney, Universal, ReMax, Fox, William Morris Endeavor, and many others. Moreover, Gorilla With a Pen is a minority-owned business that looks to become a leader for all minorities in the industry and the nation.

Anthony Pratt has been instrumental in many big campaigns for some of the best-known brands. During the pandemic’s height, Comic-Con connected with Gorilla With a Pen to launch WonderCon @ Home 2020, a virtual version of this year’s biggest comic book conference. The agency also works with giant amusement park Six Flags to help introduce fresh content to their visitors. Anthony has also served and consulted for other Los Angeles attractions such as the Los Angeles Zoo and Ripley’s Believe it or Not Hollywood.

Many of the efforts of Gorilla With a Pen also carry a social and philosophical mission to improve people’s lives. “I love working with brands that stand for something and accept the responsibility of impacting the lives of others in a positive way,” shares the Gorilla With a Pen exec. In recent times, Anthony has partnered up with top female athletes to revive the Women’s Roller Derby scene in LA to create an opportunity for others and support diversity across the board.

Anthony Pratt has an uncanny ability to develop from within, championing others who have looked over in the past. Anthony is adaptable and agile as a leader, able to adjust to the changing times and atmospheres. He and his team are masters at creating content and products that stand above the noise and win audiences’ hearts and minds everywhere.

Beyond all else, Anthony Pratt believes in the power of hope. “Regardless of what people might say, whatever obstacle might be standing in your way, if you believe, then everything will be OK,” shares Anthony. “Use negativity as fuel, be humble, and strive to make an impact in a society that is in desperate need of more influencers.” The innovator is on the lookout for collaborations with people who seek to break society’s mold as a whole creatively. 

To learn more about Anthony Pratt and Gorilla With a Pen, visit their official website, Instagram account, and Facebook page.

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