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APE-X Isn’t Monkeying Around, Bringing Meme Coins at the Forefront of the Crypto Industry

The meteoric rise of meme coins has become an unprecedented event in our modern world. The Bored Ape NFTs have also become wildly popular, with investors becoming lucrative assets in an explosive fashion. The rise of the apes has been seen as a momentous occasion in the NFT industry, but the meme coins over at crypto have been pervaded by cute dog-themed concepts such as DOGE coin and Shiba Inu. 

APE-X aims to bring the monkey-themed degeneracy back to the crypto sphere by introducing a high-risk, high-reward meme coin that is set to become as explosive as its NFT counterparts. APE-X hopes to start a new revolution in the world of crypto, taking the infamous ape meme and separating itself from all the dog-based meme coin concepts floating around. 

The crypto community has watched projects like DOGE coin and Shiba Inu skyrocket to the moon. In the NFT space, Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Apes have also seen a moonshot-level rise. APE-X combines these two unique concepts and brings them to the world of crypto for all enthusiasts to sink their teeth into.

The project’s founding team operates out of the belief that decentralized coins will continue to mold the future of finance. “We believe a cultural revolution is currently happening in finance,” shared an APE-X representative. “People want to take their finances into their own hands and have the ability to access instruments with high investment potential. For the longest time, these opportunities were only for institutions and high net worth individuals.”

Currently, the APE-X coin is trading at $0.000000617 per unit and has over $2 million in market capitalization already, given its 10 trillion supply. Of that limited supply, another 5.78 has already been burnt to ensure that demand stays hot. Once people collect the APE-X token contract, half of it will automatically get sold for BUSD (Binance US Dollar). The remaining half will then be paired with the sold half to add to the token’s liquidity pool and ensure coin longevity.

The budding meme coin has a strong market appeal, given its totally bananas concept. The ape identity has become synonymous with blockchain success as more projects within the same category flourish in other categories. More specifically, ape NFTs have been all the rave recently exploding in popularity and with value rising to the moon. 

The APE-X coin appeals mainly to aggressive investors who want to invest in a potentially valuable coin early on. For the past few years, the early adopters have won big in the cryptocurrency race. However, the major winners have been those who enter young projects while their value is still low and watch it grow exponentially through time. APE-X hopes to provide that opportunity to its community through its wildly incredible monkey-themed concept. 

They are also hosting a massive giveaway for a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT to one lucky holder of the APE-X token. Full details are available on their website. The third phase is the part where the community votes for the initiatives to be undertaken in 2022. 

To know more about APE-X, make sure to visit the meme coin’s official website.

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