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Apple is Prepping for its September Event, New Devices will be Unveiled

The tech giant Apple announced that on September 7, it would introduce new products at its California head office. Apple will soon release a new batch of iPhones, so tech-savvy people are on high alert. The business has been releasing new smartphone models every September since 2012, and this year is no exception.

Apple has been issuing prerecorded videos to advertise its products because of the pandemic. This year, though, would be different because the company is getting ready for an on-site setup. The launch would be broadcast live online via the Apple website or YouTube, with the media and a large number of tech geeks invited to the headquarters for the event.

The world has always been interested in Apple every September. At least millions of people attend Apple’s September event, which serves as a sort of signature month for the company. Moreover, the leading technology company’s September activity, which generates a lot of hype, drives the last three months of every year’s increased company revenue.

Apple has decided to use the tagline “Far out.” There are numerous theories about what this might involve. Others think it might be an allusion to the company’s improved camera, including features for taking clearer night sky pictures.

Every year, new iPhones and Apple Watches are typically released. In addition, an additional month will bring new iPad and Mac models. Therefore, as August draws to a close, tech enthusiasts have been on the lookout for any potential surprises that Apple may have in store for its prospective customers.

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iPhone may be seeing four new versions

Apple is anticipated to launch the iPhone 14 this year, following the 2021 iPhone 13. However, analysts surmise that the company may not continue to produce the “mini” models and may instead stick with the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screens that are common for Apple’s iPhone Pro and Pro Max models.

It makes sense that the Pro and Pro Max models would charge more than their other equivalents. Newer features will be included in the upcoming models, according to Bloomberg News and Apple Watchers.

In later models of the iPhone, the camera and FaceID sensor are positioned in a notch on the top of the device. This year, Apple might do away with the area, making room for a bigger screen and a nearly bezel-less display. The Pro versions of the iPhone 14 could also come with the A16 processor and cameras with huge bumps.

The always-on display that displays the time and weather is a newer feature that could be added to the iPhone 14; however, this feature is already available on Android phones. This might only be included in the iPhone 14 because beta tests conducted by Apple appear to show that the company tried incorporating a new widget into its display.

The price range for iPhones will continue to be in the range of $699 to $1099. However, given that Apple hasn’t disclosed the prices of its devices for the September launch, this range is unavoidably subject to change.

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Newest iOS for iPhone

iOS 16 would be the new version of Apple’s operating system. The system was tested by the company in June of last year, and system updates and checks took place over the summer. The older iPhones would still be receiving the update.

Users of iOS 16 can benefit from new features such as the ability to personalize the iPhone lock, which enables owners to select which widgets, such as the weather, calendar, and appointment reminders, will show up on the screen. The font for the clock on the lock screen could now be changed by users.

iMessages could also now be edited and unsent. This makes it convenient for those who regularly mess up when sending an important message or even a love confession.

Unfortunately, Apple stated that the iPad’s iOS would be released after the September event, which means that the release of the new iPads and Macs would not take place simultaneously with the iPhone and Apple Watch releases. The business is accelerating the completion of its other products, though, as they have already hinted at a potential Mac Pro for the spring.

Source: CNBC