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Ars Media Arts Group Opens Exciting Opportunities for Rising Creatives

Ars Media Arts Group

When passion meets vision, the outcome is epic, and Ars Media Arts Group is all about making legendary opportunities available to aspiring creatives from visual artists to branding enthusiasts, graphic designers, and advertising creatives. As a non-profit art organization, it thrives on helping creatives create a vision, develop and awareness, awarding experience, and capturing the uniqueness in whatever medium and genre possible. 

Since its establishment in 2016, Ars Media Arts Group has steadily grown to become a powerhouse of some of the most promising creatives expected to impact the marketing, advertising, and visual arts industries worldwide in the coming years. The organization is slowly but steadily revolutionizing how they are developing capabilities with the media, creating its own content, and making an avenue available to its members. The group has been offering helpful insights and has been known to facilitate artist development, brand development, creative direction, and project funding.  

Ars Media Arts Group also offers internship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students who wish to elevate their training and skills. The group has been actively promoting creative awareness in the Washington, D.C. area since it was developed. The group has gone as far as Atlanta in Georgia, Charlotte City in North Carolina, Miami in Florida, and other key cities. Over the years, the organization has successfully provided more than 500 promising opportunities for journalists, photographers, visual artists, bloggers, musicians, DJs, and videographers from all over the country. 

Ars Media Arts Group co-founder and Executive Director Torland Greene Jr. thought of establishing the group in order to help creatives learn, develop, and sustain their businesses that are inclined towards fashion, content creation, and art. The 32-year-old visual artist, designer, and entrepreneur from Manassas, Virginia, is responsible for identifying creatives and their need for resources. Once they have been identified, the group helps them come up with marketing strategies, partnerships, study groups, and fundraisers to help draw attention to their creative projects and brands. 

As one who is seasoned in the area of marketing, branding, and visual aesthetics, Torland is adding value to the output of their interns by elevating their understanding of how the fashion, art, and design businesses operate. 

“Our Brand Developed Service is a top to bottom unique brand building service that teaches the entrepreneur how to market, who to market to and where placement is most valuable! We pride ourselves on building rapport with top brands that want to shine some light on visual artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs. Bridging the gap between mainstream platforms and emerging creatives with opportunities to collaborate, receive sponsorship and build long lasting business relationships,” the Ars Media Arts Group co-founder explains. 

The group also aims to develop more than 500 artists, brands, or creatives combined. One of its major objectives in the next few years is to own a small workshop space that will provide an avenue for creatives to access resources and an avenue where they can develop their ideas freely. 

Learn more about Ars Media Arts Group by visiting its website. Follow its Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest projects.

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