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Ashton Eugene Thomas’s Timeline of Success

Ashton Eugene Thomas

Business has always been in Ashton Eugene Thomas’s blood even when he was young.

In the rural town of Alamosa, Colorado, Ashton grew up to dream big and chase his interests without worries. In the early 1990s, when Ashton was still in high school, he started his first business, which was a baseball and football card shop with his cousin. Though the business did not last long, the experience gave Ashton his first taste of entrepreneurship and a little peek into the world of business.

In 1997, Ashton moved to Phoenix, Arizona. There, Ashton had the privilege to be coached and mentored by several prominent business leaders. Those times have been crucial and formative for Ashton.

When 2010 rolled in, Ashton ventured into the world of business again, and that time, he was intent on staying. 

True enough, by 2018, Ashton became the founding member and managing partner of four successful businesses in Arizona: A to Z Security Services, LLC, A to Z Pack and Ship LLC, A to Z Holdings Company LLC, and A to Z Management Group.

Currently, Ashton is considered as one of the leading business management professionals in Arizona because of his outstanding leadership and excellent work ethic. The four businesses to this day are well known for their services and quality.

In late 2018, a deep urge compelled Ashton to sit down and begin writing about his passion for business and leadership. Ashton’s repository of experience and expertise is indispensable and will be extremely helpful to those in need.

In 2019, Ashton published his first book titled “Turning Ideas into Profits,” which contains in-depth information around the whole process of building a business from scratch. The book has become a go-to guide for aspiring individuals who have no prior experience but are looking to get into business.

“The Power of Inspirational Leadership” is Ashton’s second book, due to be published in 2020. Leadership is not as simple as becoming the boss. The book sheds light on the common misconceptions about leadership and how to become a better and practical leader. Motivating and inspiring others is one of the core abilities that only true leaders possess.

Ashton’s books do not end there; more books are still upcoming, with titles such as “Yes, Leaders do fail!” and “Climb the Ladder.”

Aside from helping people out through his books, Ashton has been a prominent contributor to his local community. Ashton has been instrumental in laying out the foundation for the future generations of business leaders in Arizona by working with several colleges and universities to guide college students in pursuing their Masters of Business Administration degree.

Despite his apparent success, Ashton still believes life is not guaranteed. Years into business made Ashton realize that he has to keep taking matters into his own hands for them to happen. Because of this, Ashton developed a desire to go against the odds and build, buy, and expand where others do not dare go.

Indeed, Ashton does not follow his dreams. He builds them.

As an inspiring leader, Ashton hopes to spark inspiration in people and encourage them to continue building their dreams.

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