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Athens Ramseyer Uses His Voice to Fight Against Stigma with Neuromarketing

One’s perspective and stand in life, especially the desire to bring the greater good, is often a result of one’s background story. This is no different for Athens Ramseyer, who grew up with a vision driven by the loss of a loved one. Now, he aims to successfully be the voice and influence of everyone to fight against stigma in society.

As a juvenile, Ramseyer was fond of his aunt and her acts of love. Even after being paralyzed, his aunt became his motivation and foundation to live with a strong sense of morality. In accordance with this, Ramseyer uses his knowledge and connections to impart a cause to those in need.

Ramseyer studied at the University of Washington with a major in psychology and Stanford University with a deep learning course. With his background in both the human brain and technology, he established Sciential,  a rapidly growing digital marketing agency. 

With his eight years in the advertising industry, Ramseyer is able to reach out to people with visions for the betterment of those marginalized and in need of help. 

To name some, just recently, Ramseyer worked hand in hand with Mike Singletary, an NFL Hall of Famer coach and co-founder of the National Child ID Program. Due to the rampant problem of children going missing in the United States, action should be made. Their collaborative efforts include saving the lives of the youth and assisting in the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

Shortly after, they paved the way to inspire the president of the United States — Donald Trump — and his administration to donate 35 million dollars worth of funds for the survivors of human trafficking to 73 organizations in 34 states. 

Mike Singletary and Donald Trump

In line with their movement against the pandemic, Ramseyer and Singletary involved Mike Gula and John Thomas in their ongoing project. Collaboratively, they are constructing and planting a foundation of Blue Flame Medical, currently one of the biggest distributors of personal protective equipment and gears.

Ramseyer was also able to work alongside other influential people, including personalities, celebrities, and the like. He worked with Jordan Belfort, known for his dubbing in The Wolf of Wall Street and the aesthetic doctors of the Kardashians — Dr. Garth Fisher. He has also worked with Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Ford, and Leo Livshetz.

At present, Ramseyer is working on yet another project. He is helping American football teams and the nation adjust to the new normal.

All of these actions affect the influence of digital psychology or the powerful neuromarketing approach Ramseyer has imparted to the world. Ramseyer says if one wants to impact the heights and magnitude of the world’s problems, distinctiveness matters. With that being said, influential marketing plays a big part in the process of having a global impact, and he finds joy in being a part of the entire process.

As Ramseyer amplifies the voice of the people with the help of his digital psychology, his story does not stop here. His efforts continue to help the children, the survivors, frontliners, and everyone else who needs help.Learn more about Ramseyer and his marketing agency by visiting their official website