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Author Deontae Henderson Prepares Children for the Future through Writing

Deontae Henderson

As he lays down ideas for his new published books, Deontae Henderson talks about his reason behind writing ways for children to improve themselves for the future. And as he picks up the medium he writes in, author Deontae is taking a brief relief as he promotes the value of life and lessons to learn. As a writer, Deontae still enjoys the mix of emotions continuously guiding the children and their families to an eye-opener through the past years. 

The seasoned children’s books author reigns as a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the place where he graduated from, Deontae Henderson began creating and self-publishing children’s books in the Tennessee State University’s dorm room as early as junior year of college. In the same University in May 2018, Mr. Deontae earned his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications.

Opposite to the belief that age is a necessity to success, young Deontae Henderson breaks barriers as he releases books entitled “Kid Smoove” — Henderson’s fifth children’s book along with “Young William,” “The Hungriest Pirate,” “TO THE TOP,” and “Momma Bear.” He  has achieved this feat at the age of 24. The inspirational author also had the opportunity to engage and participate in numerous speaking events across the country. 

Through his stories, Deontae Henderson gives his all in encouraging and motivating others to pursue the sterling version of themselves. Young at heart, the hopeful strives to leave his mark on this Earth and overcome every obstacle. Deontae Henderson’s mission is to live by a quote from one of his favorite speakers, Les Brown, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” 

The stories he extracts are ideas running in his head put to life and meaning. He hopes to live up to his duty to put those ideas out where people can learn and make sure that children worldwide can experience them.

As Deontae Henderson’s books center on giving valuable life lessons incomprehensible and straightforward ways, grasping the message suitable for all ages is easier. Mr. Deontae prides himself in creating game-changing books that individuals– old or young– and families worldwide will happily experience. 

His years in the career propelled his love for what he was doing, remarkably helping others experience the joy he is having. To do so, he released six guide books on Amazon. These guidebooks educate people in ways to create books, audios, and podcasts without undergoing much hassle. 

The author’s passion flourished with reminding how stories “The Little Engine That Could” and “The Alchemist” did for him. He persistently creates books that will transform lives and give brighter insights to battle the unpredictable tomorrows.

“I truly love creating stories for children that have the possibility of bringing them joy and inspiration at such an impressionable age,” he says in recollecting the reason he continues to write. 

Deontae Henderson aims for the entire world to see his work and be inspired to explore and create whatever comes to mind regardless of age or circumstance. Learn more about him and his works of art by visiting his Amazon or Instagram.

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