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Author of Excommunicated Warrior, Nick Koumalatsos, Banks on Life Lessons to Help Readers from All Walks of Life Achieve Success

Nick Koumalatsos

The circumstances to which people are flung, whether it is by their choice or not, most often result in two things: learning lessons or getting paralyzed. Some of these events are so harrowing that it leaves the person paralyzed, unable to move forward. But these same events could also be sources of insights that, when applied, can prove to transform one’s life. 

Marine Raider Nick Koumalatsos has in-depth knowledge of being stuck. And only when he decided to take action and apply what he learned from his experiences was he able to evolve into the powerhouse that he is now. 

Born in Hollywood, Florida, Nick spent his childhood training to be Batman and planning his next big adventure. He is intimate with being on the move, having lived in five states by the time he was twelve years old. As tedious as it was, the experience nevertheless taught him to be more adaptable and comfortable with integrating into any environment. 

This veteran drew lessons from a variety of circumstances. The road leading to where he is right now was rocky, to say the least. At the age of twelve, he ended up in juvenile detention, and the years afterward heavily featured Nick’s desire to shake his past and find a new direction. 

He joined the Marine Corps at eighteen but not without a fight. Because of his troubled youth, he had to seek legal counsel to be accepted to the service. And when he finally found himself on the grounds, he suffered a wrist injury within the very first week of boot camp. Despite all of these adversities, Nick demonstrated an exemplary attitude toward perseverance and hard work. He graduated with honors, and this excellence will prove to set the tone for his future.

His impressive record features his twelve years in the Special Operations Marine Corps, where he held Marine Reconnaissance and Marine Special Operations Command. Nick is also credited for training foreign police, military, and militia in several countries.

Banking on the successful leadership and strategic planning skills he has honed to an outstanding degree during his military career, Nick founded multiple enterprises, including Alexander Industries, as well as a highly regarded adventure and informational YouTube Channel.

And his latest venture is in the form of Excommunicated Warrior, which is a book that takes the readers through the journey of Nick’s transition out of the Special Operations into the civilian world. It details how, throughout this journey, he was able to identify seven stages of transition.

These seven stages would then become part of the foundation for Nick’s establishment of a non-profit dedicated to helping the nation’s veterans transition out of the military. Furthermore, he started developing strategies to work through the stages; all methods were aimed to support the military community further.

But his book does not only cater to individuals in Service. It has been positively received by mothers, people who went through or going through divorce, professional athletes that have had injuries ending their careers, and many first responders. While the 7 Stages of transition was for the military arena, it turns out that it was really a human being issue. The book is a reflection of Nick’s experience in Special Operations and leaving that community, and serves as a must-have resource for knowledge and wisdom that anyone can use to help them in their success. 

In the process of establishing platforms and designing tools that could help veterans, it became clear to Nick that his ideas applied to everyone and not only veterans. This has led to more people benefitting from the wisdom he has amassed during his entire career. 

This author has made a reputation for himself in multiple industries for the courage and vulnerability he showcased in opening up about his experiences, hoping that he would be able to help others and inspire strength for those who are struggling. 

Learn more about Nick Koumalatsos by checking out his website, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. 

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