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Authority Titans on Establishing Digital Presence and Elevating Brand

In the world today, many businesses and entrepreneurs have adopted the modern click and order business model departing from the traditional brick and mortar business model in today’s world. This new business model helps companies and aspiring entrepreneurs cater to a more extensive customer base worldwide while drastically reducing management costs. However, a significant challenge that plagues most businesses is establishing an online presence and growing an online audience. To help brands, personalities, and companies maintain a solid and unshakeable brand authority, Authority  Titans, a PR and media agency, sets the trend in securing placements for its clients in a host of high-profile publications worldwide.

A full-service public relations and media agency, Authority Titans was established by innovator, author, and entrepreneur Dillon Kivo to help brands, companies, entrepreneurs, and personalities establish and maintain an online presence and recognition for their various accomplishments.  He has been featured on various online publications for his exceptional work and various accomplishments in the digital realm, from Forbes to Entrepreneur, ABC, NBC, Fox, and Yahoo, among others.

As part of its services, the company creates a remarkable digital footprint for their clients through PR marketing, content writing and media publication services to businesses large and small and personalities looking to send their messages more efficiently and gain an online presence.

With an impressive list of A-list clients, Authority Titans has worked closely with some of the biggest names in the business, entertainment and sporty industries such as entrepreneur and public speaker Casey Adams, rapper and actor Ice Cube, football player Robert Griffith, and entrepreneur Brad Lea, helping them take their online presence to the next level, boost their brand authority in a short period, and pave the way for countless opportunities.

The thriving hub leverages its vast network of high-profile digital publications such as LA Wire, NY Weekly, The Chicago Journal, Kivo Daily, Portland News, Atlanta Wire, California Gazzetta and several others to boost its clients’ brand authority. The whole process, from consultation to publishing, is quite simple. After contacting the company, the clients will be asked to respond to a questionnaire that will determine if Authority Titans are the right fit for the clients’ needs. After consultations, clients can choose from three unique packages: the Essential, Expert, and Executive packages and access a highly skilled publicist and dedicated writing team to attend to their needs. 

The Essential package is designed for starting brands as it helps establish a presence online. The Executive package is recommended for established brands who wish to take their business further. In contrast, the Expert package is recommended for clients with a robust digital presence who wish to scale their brands. The questionnaire will help the company’s publicist and writing team make a timeline and create a roadmap to success, identifying publications guaranteed to elevate the client’s digital authority.

To learn more about Authority Titans and Dillon Kivo, visit the company’s website. You can also follow Dillon Kivo on Instagram for updates on his latest projects.

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