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Autumn Rain Records Provides Artists With the Right Platform to Share Talent and Spread a Message

Autumn Rain Records

Over the past decade, more voices have cried out for mental health awareness, a social issue that has often been overlooked or neglected. People from all social statuses are calling out for awareness and a proactive move to help others get the help they deserve. Among the many voices in this cry are the people from Autumn Rain Records label.

Autumn Rain Records is a new record label based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by Aaron Romero, a songwriter who also dreamt of putting his songs out into the world for people to hear. Like most musicians, he found it would be a challenge making it out there. Romero encountered difficulties and red tapes of big recording labels. He realized that it was almost impossible for a regular starting artist without connections to make it in the industry, so he created Autumn Rain.

Under Romero’s ownership, Autumn Rain’s mission is to help young upcoming artists produce and publish their works. They want to help artists improve their skills and knowledge in the music industry to prepare them so they can show the world their talent. The company helps independent artists produce and publish their works with minimal costs, allowing them to keep 100% of their royalties. Whether they’re independent artists or they know people who want to publish their songs, Autumn Rain opens their studio to anyone and everyone looking to ask for their help.

Among the artists who signed with Autumn Rain is singer-guitarist Daniel Lucas. The latest name to join the music industry is a Philippine-born artist who grew up and spent most of his time in Queens, New York. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for music, where he is ready to release his slow rock/country debut with the song, “Not Too Late.”

Not Too Late tells the story of two friends, sung from the perspective of one trying to convince his friend not to give up despite all his problems. The friend tells him he is always there and is willing to listen. The song was written with Aaron Romero’s lyricism coupled with uplifting music by Pab Atienza, which in turn is matched with the sweeping guitar riffs by virtuoso Maestro Perfecto De Castro. Together, they make a perfect contrast to the easy but refined vocal performance of Daniel Lucas.

Aaron Romero wrote the song as awareness for suicide prevention. With studies showing that close to 800,000 people commit suicide, he wanted to boost the morale of those suffering from depression, anxiety, and people who have other mental health issues. With Daniel Lucas, he found the perfect voice that could convey the message he wanted to send out. Especially today with the pandemic forcing people to stay at home, triggering mental health conditions or exacerbating existing ones. Autumn Rain Records want people to know that it’s never too late, and there is always someone who listens.

To find out more about Autumn Rain Records and Daniel Lucas, you may find their debut song on YouTube.

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