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Award-Winning Filmmaker Megan Nager Leads ‘Wake and Make Media’ to the Top Through Passion for Filmmaking and Content Creation

Passion is a seed that, once nurtured, can grow to be at the center of one’s success. This is true for industry powerhouses Megan Nager and her partner, Corey Turner. Through the success of their brainchild, Wake and Make Media, they have been able to demonstrate how far one can go when armed with love for a particular craft. 

Power duo Megan and Corey are both award-winning filmmakers who began their careers in Los Angeles, California. Megan is SAG-actor, screenwriter, and stand-up comedian who has appeared on television shows on Amazon, TruTV, and MTV. After realizing that a lot of the entertainment industry centered around being “discovered’, Megan decided to put her skills to use and create her own original film and television content. She combined her comedy and writing skills and produced several viral videos on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube as well as television shows and feature films. 

Meanwhile, Corey Turner quickly garnered attention for his cinematography skills. After working independently, Corey secured a position as a creative producer at Endeavor Content and filmed content for brands such as Miss Universe, Ciroc, UFC, World’s Strongest Man, PBR, IMG, and more. 

Megan and Corey take pride in having already made a name for themselves as filmmakers before they even got to provide marketing services to those who needed them. They have cemented their reputation as a go-to creative team in Hollywood by mastering the nitty-gritty of filmmaking and social media. Megan’s strong background in writing has also allowed her to pick up the pen for outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and PR Accesswire.

With their in-depth knowledge and extensive skills, it is no wonder that Megan and Corey have been able to take Wake and Make Media to the top of the marketing industry. Wake and Make Media is a creative marketing and PR agency based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Specializing in making high-quality content to target specific audiences, it draws strength from the experiences of its founders to build the online brands of its clients. 

Not only does Wake and Make Media create top-quality videos for marketing campaigns, but it also capitalizes on the power of Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to make sure that the correct group of customers consumes products it designs for clients. Moreover, it has helped hundreds of clients get in big-name publications such as Entrepreneur, Buzzfeed, Forbes, and more. 

Ever since its establishment, Wake and Make Media has lent its creativity and expertise to hundreds of Hollywood’s biggest names. It has created all types of content that have heightened brand reach for its customers. Furthermore, Wake and Make has worked with companies who tend to specialize in alternative healthcare and is responsible for expanding the brands of CBD businesses, plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, and chiropractors. 

Megan currently boasts over 150,000 followers across her social media platforms. This following is attributed to the loyalty she has garnered and the attention she has sparked for her excellent consultations on how to grow one’s social media presence and how she has delivered her promise to build a business from the ground up using film, marketing, and PR. 

And because the motivation behind Megan’s hard work in ensuring results for clients lies in her love for filmmaking and content creation, it can be expected that along with Corey, she will continue to push Wake and Make Media to the center stage of the marketing and PR industry.Know more about Megan Nager and Wake and Make Media by visiting its website and Instagram page.