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Award-Winning Musician Money Matt: A Trailblazer in Motivational Hip-Hop Music

Money Matt

While hip-hop is easily associated with topics on drugs, sex, and violence, award-winning rapper Money Matt proves that hip-hop music does not have to be about these. For him, “glorifying violence is not the way,” and he believes that there is, instead, a need to spread positivity to the youth to help them reach farther in life. With that in mind, he seeks to make a significant difference in the music industry through motivational hip-hop that focuses on positive and wholesome musical content.

Money Matt, whose real name is Matthew Mansour, is a rising independent musician with over 1 million streams across different platforms. On Spotify alone, he has over 73,000 listeners coming from 73 different countries as of 2019. His music is also available on Apple Music and SoundCloud. He is a two-time awardee of the Underground Music Awards as 2017’s Best New Male Artist and 2018’s Most Hardworking Artist of the Year.

Growing up, he has always known about his unmatched passion for music. At the age of 15, he started freestyle rapping. It took around five years before this rapper mastered the art of freestyling. The talented singer would spend six to eight hours writing songs every night. In 2012, he started recording in the studio. This eventually led to the creation of his debut single “No Beats, Just Bars,” which served as the foundation of #MoneyMattTakeOver2017.

Since then, he has continued his journey in the hip-hop industry. He has been featured in the Legendary Hip-Hop magazine with famous artist Migos and BEMO Magazine. Matthew has also been in one of the front covers of the Cincinnati edition of BEMO Magazine. 

In 2018, he had over 100 performances in open mics and other showcases. He has traveled across the country for shows, interviews, and promotions for his brand, Money Matt Entertainment, and upcoming projects. Some of his famous song releases include “Ain Goin,” which garnered over 300,000 views on Youtube, “Oh No,” “Came From Nothing,” and “Mirrors.” His most recent popular tracks include “Abagaday,” “Game Over,” “Purpose,” “Actin’ Basic,” “How I Like,” and “Double Up.” 

The rapper has a different take of hip-hop music, which makes him stand out from other rap artists. His music embodies wholesome lyricism that encourages people, especially the youth, to do better in life. His songs depict positive scenarios of life that aim to motivate people to move forward. He calls this motivational hip-hop.

Matthew’s charismatic personality and positive energy, coupled with his ability for smooth delivery of the verses, leave a long-lasting and pleasant impression on those who will listen to his songs.  On top of this, his lyrical content is wholesome and inspirational. 

Through his music, the rising star hopes to be a role model for the youth. He is committed to spreading positivity to the masses, and he continues to build his musical brand as one that advocates for the unity of all people.

To know more about Money Matt and his music, do not hesitate to connect with him through his website.

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