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Bad Astro Society NFT Offering Space Travel on a Platter for Its Holders

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been the easiest way for some people to do a few things they have always dreamed of. Bad Astro Society NFT is the newest NFT collection offering its holders perks and benefits otherwise reserved for the super-rich.

Bad Astro Society is based on the concept of space travel, and it promises holders the opportunity to travel to space by 2030. Its website states, “There are only six to eight seats on a rocket. We plan to buy all the Bad Astros a ticket to space by 2030, locking in all the seats for space travel for years to come. If the rich want a ticket, they will have to buy a Bad Astro from one of our members.”

Each of the art pieces in the Bad Astro Society collection serves as a club membership to the Bad Astro Society, a community of fun lovers and go-getters. The community will organize events, sell merchandise items and work with brands to bring its goal to life. With 10,000 pieces of the NFT available, all the members of the community stand a chance to get a ticket to real-life outer space in a few years. “We want to use the NFT and crypto market to work for the members rather than just the founders,” the team behind the project said.

The art features over 150 hand-drawn traits, with each character depicting an astronaut wearing one of four different types of astronaut suits with an array of different colors and patterns, such as Regular Astro Suit, Pimp Suit, Hoodie, and Gorilla. The goal of the collection is to give people a mindset shift that tells them they can own their future regardless of their current circumstances. And even though space travel seems reserved for only a few at the moment, Bad Astro Society NFT offers the chance to make it into space soon. “With many companies competing for business, the price of space travel will decrease. Regardless of future partnerships, we’ll need to have the money ready to go when it comes time to launch. The good news is, that’s just money, and money isn’t rocket science. In fact, it gravitates toward societies just like ours,” the official website said.

Other than travel to space, benefits for holders include access to The Bad Astro Station, future airdrops and automatic benefits for all future projects, Bad Astro Merch, admission to all Bad Astro +1 Events starting this holiday season, and ownership/commercial rights to the Bad Astro Society brand.

The target audience for the project includes people who are savvy enough with tech and already understand the process of investing in NFTs. And with the growing presence on social media on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord, Bad Astro Society is confident that many people will buy into the project. 

“There are currently no other projects out there claiming to send all of its NFT holders to real-life outer space. We can’t find any other NFT project that is using the crypto and NFT markets to benefit their holders to this degree. As for the art, it speaks for itself. Bad Astros have a great time doing what they want,” the team behind the project said.