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Battle Zombies NFT Collection Supports Artists and Veterans

People often think that NFTs are nothing more than digital art. But Battle Zombies NFTs have plans to bridge the gap between digital and tangible art by supporting independent artists and businesses with the launch of their NFT collection and real-life NFT hunt. 

Battle Zombies NFT is a World War II and zombie-themed NFT collection, the first one of its kind on the Solana blockchain. The project offers 2D and 3D digital art rooted in their unique and ever-evolving storyline. But this project aims to make waves in the real world as well. Battle Zombies have partnered with independent artists and businesses to host an NFT hunt to accomplish this goal. Individuals who want to go on the hunt will be required to spend a minimum amount at the partner establishments. After that, they will receive a unique QR code that will allow them to claim their free NFT. Anyone can get involved in the hunt, whether they are part of the general public or members of the Battle Zombies community. The project organizers have even made a map filled with clues to lead hunters to the rough location of the NFTs.

Aside from this NFT hunt, Battle Zombies has also launched a game on iOS and Android ahead of their NFT collection launch. This game applies a play-to-win gaming model, but the developers plan to launch play-to-earn features with future updates. With this 3D digital game, players come together and battle it out, and a leaderboard will rank players worldwide. Players are ranked based on how much XP they earn, and accumulating XP allows players to unlock more game modes and difficulty levels. Players can also join weekly tournaments where the top-ranking players can get cash bonuses or exclusive NFTs.

When they launch the collection in December, Battle Zombies NFT will release 11,939 Zombies. To encourage enthusiasts and community members, they can buy one NFT and get one free for the first 1,000 mints. In addition, exclusive NFT comics will also be given to 500 lucky holders chosen at random. This exclusive comic strip is a visual representation of the Battle Zombies storyline, further enriching their Metaverse.

Battle Zombies will feature super-soldiers who were turned into zombies after a biohacking accident. The Zombies have over 200 attributes, and just like any military, they will have different ranks. The higher the rank, the higher the rarity of the NFT. There are four ranks of Battle Zombies, each represented by different shoulder straps and stars on their collar. The Private rank can be identified by a black shoulder strap and one star on their collar. Sergeants have a bronze strap and two stars. Lieutenants appear with silver shoulder straps and three stars on their collar, while Generals will have gold shoulder straps and four stars.

In an effort to build communities online and offline, Battle Zombies has created a real-life NFT hunt. But aside from that, they also have a paintball event planned. Community members can join, and they can battle each other in the real world. This project also aims to give back to veterans by donating money to causes and charities that support veterans. 

Battle Zombies NFTs want to have a positive impact beyond screens and the digital world. This project brings together digital art, tangible art, gaming, and community while supporting independent artists and establishments. 

Battle Zombies NFTs is a collection that will launch on the Solana blockchain. To learn more about this collection, you can visit this website. To follow them on social media, you can check this page.

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