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Beat the Clock Coaching Founder on Breaking Barriers and Achieving Success

While others are content with achieving the average, some people go beyond the confines of the mundane. More often than not, these individuals who strive to achieve more are the ones who leave remarkable traces in any industry. In other words, greatness walks with those who step out of their comfort zones. As one of those who constantly aim to become better versions of themselves every day, Michelle Rubio-Garcia, the creator of the Beat the Clock Coaching Program, sheds light on how she climbed the summits of success by going over and beyond to achieve her life’s goals.

There is nothing wrong with being ordinary. However, some of life’s greatest achievements started with visionaries longing to make the world a better place. This overarching passion for improvements leads individuals, like Michelle Rubio-Garcia, to go beyond the borders of their comfort zones in order to achieve their goals. Now, as a person who is currently clothed with her countless achievements, Michelle invites everyone to chase after success through her program, Beat the Clock Coaching.

Passionately created by Michelle Rubio-Garcia, Beat the Clock Coaching Program is a 90-day transformational journey that takes individuals in the process of changing their paths and redirecting them to greatness. It is designed to help people rewrite their stories and work together to achieve the narrative they truly want in their lives. On top of that, it pushes individuals to exceed limitations, break barriers, and eventually live a life out of their safe zones.

However, Beat the Clock Coaching Program is more than an instrument for motivational preaching. Believing that creating radical change is best paired with intentional coaching, the program is designed as a systematic approach that highly focuses on active collaboration and training with the client. Thus, in the 90-day transformation program, the first 30 days are focused on attacking the individual’s goals by building the foundation that increases the likelihood of success. For the remaining 60 days, the client uses the fundamentals they have learned and shape themselves towards attaining their two target goals. On top of that, this prescriptive, results-driven program is tailor-fitted for each client to ensure success.

The Beat the Clock Coaching Program’s towering success would not have been possible without its creator’s impressive background, passion, and philosophy in life. While others make excuses to hinder themselves from achieving their dreams, Michelle Rubio-Garcia made it her life’s mission to go beyond borders to attain her goals. Ever since Michelle realized what she wanted in life, she began to build a path that was designed for greatness. Now, at the age of 30, she is a bachelor’s and master’s degree holder, an avid traveler, and a sterling figure in the training and coaching industry. Moreover, Michelle was nominated for the HEB Excellence in Education Award in Texas last 2017 and 2018, and she recently published a bestselling book entitled “Break Through Fear: Embrace Challenges to Illuminate Your Best Self.” On top of this stellar list of accolades, Michelle is also working on finishing her doctorate.

Looking back, Michelle Rubio-Garcia would not have reached the summits of success without her unparalleled determination to get ahead. Now, as an image of success in the industry, she hopes to encourage more people to chase their dreams through the Beat the Clock Coaching Program.

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