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Biden administration will install charging stations for EVs, plans to curb emissions

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With plans to boost the electric vehicle industry, Biden is allocating funds for the creation of hundreds and thousands of charging stations across America.

The President has announced that the administration will install over 500,000 charging stations by 2030. This initiative intends to help the country in its transition toward clean energy.

The new rules will require states to set standards for electric car charging stations and allow users in all the states. Regardless of the brand, company or location that installs it, users will have access to the station.

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The United States is moving to phase out fossil fuels and sell only electric cars by 2032. The President announced that this shift in transportation preferences would account for 50% of all new car sales, which means there will be less oil consumption among consumers.

“Everyone deserves a chance to benefit from EVs,” said Pete Buttigieg, the state’s Transportation Secretary.

“We’re paying attention not only to the quantity of EV chargers but also their quality. Everyone should be able to find a working charging station when and where they need it,” the secretary added.

Earlier, the initiative has already started. The White House has allocated $5 billion to states so they can create charging stations and make electric cars preferable.

The charging stations would have a similar payment system, speed, and pricing information. The system will also come with real-time updates, so customers are informed ahead before they reach the target charging location.

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Energy secretary Jennifer Granholm said in a statement, “We’re tackling range anxiety and vehicle charging deserts by making sure that charging stations are easily and equally accessible, allowing every American can get coast to coast in an electric vehicle.”

EVs are a revolutionary way to power your car, and they’ll save consumers money in the long run. A recent study by 2020 Consumer Reports has shown that these vehicles spend 60% less on fuel compared with gas-powered cars every year.

The United States is one of the largest markets for electric vehicles, ranking third in total sales behind China and Europe.

The Biden administration has announced that it will be giving incentives to consumers who buy EVs made by union workers. By 2035, the plan is for 600,000 cars and trucks to be sold to consumers.

Source: CNBC

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