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Biden Is Leading on the Presidential Poll Race against Trump

According to the poll of New York Times and Sienna College that result Joseph R. Biden Jr. is leading the president by 14 points, leading among women and nonwhite voters and white supporters. 

Based on a New York Times/Siena College poll of 1,337 and registered voters from June 17 to June 22. They asked thousands of voters across the country about President Trump, Joseph R. Biden Jr., the coronavirus pandemic, Black Lives Matter and more.

50% – Biden

36% -Trump

14% -Other

Mr. Joe Biden is currently leading the race with President Trump by 14 percentage points since the ineffective leadership and efforts of President Trump made him drop 14 points. 

Apparently, Biden leads Trump by big percentage with black and Hispanic voters, and women and young people. On the other hand, Biden has also drawn even with president Trump among male voters, whites and people in middle age and older — groups that have typically been the backbones of Republican electoral triumph. 

A scoop with Arlene Myles, 75, from Denver, said supported Republican for six decade. Ms. Myles said that when Mr. Trump assumed the presidency, she decided to “give him a chance,” but realized that Trump failed to fulfill his duties. 

“I was one of those people who stuck by Nixon until he was waving goodbye,” Ms. Myles said. “I thought I was a good Republican and thought they had my values, but they have gone down the tubes these last few years.”

Ms. Myles said she planned to vote for Mr. Biden, expressing only one misgiving: “I wish he was younger,” she said.

Fifty-two percent of whites under 45 said they supported Mr. Biden while only 30 percent said they supported Mr. Trump. And their opposition is intense: More than twice as many younger whites viewed the president very unfavorably than very favorably.

Tom Diamond, 31, a Republican from Fort Worth, Texas called the president a “poor leader” who had an ineffective leadership of the pandemic and said Mr. Biden seemed “like a guy you can trust. 

“Part of you just feels icky voting for him,” Mr. Diamond said. “But definitely from a policy perspective, that’s where my vote’s going to go.”

According to the poll, white voters under 45 strongly support the Black Lives Matter movement, while older whites are apathetic with racial activism views. Also, 70 percent of white voters under 45 said they believed the killing of George Floyd was intentional and a pattern of police violence toward Black Community. 

And about two-fifths of whites over 65 expressed their disapproval to Mr. Trump’s handling of both the coronavirus and racial issues. 

The president is ahead of Mr. Biden with white voters without college degrees and a third of voters said the government should focus to recalibrate the economy of the country even if it risky. 

The public is also critical with Trump’s negligence to wear mask on public appearances. In the poll, 54 percent of people said they always wear a mask when they expect to be in proximity to other people, while another 22 percent said they usually wear a mask. Just 22 percent said they rarely or never wear a mask.

Mr. Trump’s job approval on race relations was disappointing. Sixty-one percent of the registered voters expressed their distaste of Mr. Trump’s handling of race and meanwhile 33 percent who said they approved. The poll clearly signifies that most voters would not let pass of President Trump’s harsh characterization of protesters: Large majorities said they had a positive overall assessment of both the Black Lives Matter movement and the police.

According Harry Hoyt, 72, of York County in Southern Maine said he preferred Trump over Clinton last 2016. Now he came to realize that his vote goes to Biden. 

“Biden would be a better candidate than Trump, simply because he’s a nice person,” Mr. Hoyt said. “One of the most important things to me is the character of the man in charge of our country.”

Biden gain popularity from the black voters. Fifty-six percent of black respondents in the poll said they saw Mr. Biden very favorably and better candidate. 

Nicholas Angelos, a 20-year-old voter in Bloomington believed the former vice president would “try his best,” in contrast to Mr. Trump, whom he described as “an autocrat” and “anti-science.”

“We all have to compromise,” said Mr. Angelos, who described himself as very liberal. He added of Mr. Biden, “I don’t think he’s anything special.”.