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Bigmeta Bringing Back Funny Memes to the Crypto World

When the powers that be come together to carry out something sinister, sometimes all it takes is an underdog to thwart those plans. In today’s growing digital world, Operation Bigmeta is making its entrance into the NFT space as an underdog, ready to shake things up for the powerful and influential.

Operation Bigmeta was created to tackle a shadow organization that wants to put an end to the fun that goes on in the crypto community. This organization is called BigShots, and it is made up of influential leaders and celebrities who have been integral in dictating how the world runs for centuries. Now, with Operation Bigmeta, that run of influence is about to end, and the crypto community can retain the humor it adds to the digital world.

The strategy of the BigShots is to release a new crypto token called DAObolical to take away humor from crypto holders forever and give them no reason to troll or share memes. The organization is pulling all the stops to bring their project to life, and Bigmeta is standing in the way. Every Bigshot holder is tagged with the title “Agent 00 Degen,” the world’s last chance to save the world. The ultimate plan is to infiltrate the BigShots HeadQuarters on Mt Doxx and take down the BigShots one by one to keep the crypto community funny.

At the core of Operation BigMeta, creativity through innovation, community, and storytelling are the primary qualities. The project aims to use storytelling to entertain, connect, and present audiences with limitless possibilities. Many NFTs look to have eschewed that art form, but BigMeta is bringing it back. “At BigMeta, we believe that storytelling may be a lost art but is not a lost cause. Exploring imaginations and creating fiction with NFTs can be a powerful and emotional tool that enhances communities and brings creators and audiences closer together, forming bonds that make collections truly unique and valued,” a spokesperson for Operation BigMeta said.

A thriving community of like-minded dreamers and creators already exist on the Discord channel, where they build stories, develop jokes, push boundaries, and most importantly, bring a smile to everyone in the world. BigMeta targets creative people who love cryptocurrency and want to shape the digital world by telling stories. “Our vision is to have multiple stories for our NFT characters, which can evolve into comics and even games, which the community will help shape and provide content for. We also welcome anyone who just wants to be a part of a community which aims to bring daily humor to the world of crypto,” the team explained. We will have incentives for our NFT holders after we mint, so even community members who just want to hold one of our NFTs for the rewards are welcome.”

BigMeta allows holders to be a part of a creative community, and each NFT has a unique descriptive story attached to it which pushes the creativity agenda.

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