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Bizleads Agency Develops Marketing Strategies to Help Businesses Amid the Pandemic Crisis

Bizleads Agency

When it comes to digital marketing and lead generation, no one does it better than Bizleads Agency. The U.S. based agency prides itself on its international team of experts that have decades of combined experience in the field. Bizleads helps business owners generate a predictable flow of prospects and clients by using the best digital marketing tools at the lowest cost. The agency’s clients can easily maximize their market reach without breaking the bank.

Bizleads puts people over profits. The agency focuses on building long-term, trust-based relationships with its clients. Bizleads want business owners to feel confident that their team of experts is obsessed with exceeding their goals and delivering tangible results. Clients have the privilege of paying based on performance, which means that Bizleads provide actual results first before their customers are expected to complete their monthly fees.

One of their latest successes is the YourBarber app, envisioned to be the standard for barbershops across the country. The platform gives barbers access to a complete and unique scheduling tool to boost their business and bring back loyal customers amidst the pandemic. The app allows customers to avoid waiting in lines in the business establishment, stay safe, and save time because of its efficient appointment feature. Barbers across the country get the power to of a fully-customized, world-class, and branded app without needing to pay high developer fees.

Furthermore, the agency is also focusing on bringing a consistent flow of new leads and prospects to businesses in several industries. Their marketing approach and business model are wildly successful in various niches such as dog training, roofing, construction, real estate, alternative medicine, medical spas, and many others. Bizleads Agency is providing top-notch services to entrepreneurs who need them and may not otherwise afford an in-house marketing model.

When the COVID-19 pandemic crisis broke out, Bizleadz Agency founder Vlastimil Vrskovy saw an opportunity to empower local businesses across the United States to thrive despite the unprecedented times. He formulated a unique lead generation strategy that aims to help service-based businesses bring in appointments while staying compliant with current health regulations. 

Vlastimil has extensive experience in marketing, having worked for companies that served Fortune 500 clients. Eventually, he grew tired of traditional business models that required clients to spend large amounts in marketing efforts, only to receive less than impressive results. Today, he and his company are determined to maximize opportunities for small to medium businesses at the lowest possible amount of funding.

Vlastimil is no stranger to challenges. The CEO was involved in a car crash that left him with a severe spinal injury. From being an active individual, Vlastimil started using a wheelchair for mobility. Doctors said that he would not be able to walk again, but Vlastimil was determined to prove them wrong. His strong mindset and incredible willpower pushed him through a long and painful rehabilitation process. Everybody was awestruck when Vlastimil was eventually able to stand up and walk with some assistance and disproved his bleak prognosis.

Vlastimil approaches his business ventures with the same fighting spirit and level of optimism. Vlastimil wants people to know that challenges and times of crisis can be opportunities to find the best within themselves. 

“All it takes is determination and the willingness to take some risks and go against the grain,” Vlastimil said. He believes that keeping the right mindset and “taking the road less travelled by” definitely made the difference.

Learn more about Bizleads Agency on their website.

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