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Black Belter Milica Todovic Takes Over The Fitness Scene

Milica Todovic

All of us dream of becoming the best version of ourselves. In the context of fitness, many of us often set unrealistic expectations when losing weight. We want those extra pounds to shed off in an instant. As a result, a lot of us turn to weight loss fads and trends, promising us immediate results without knowing how unsustainable and damaging those can be. Take it from a martial arts enthusiast and fitness trainer, Milica Todovic, who runs her own fitness company at the young age of 24. 

For this New York-based coach, getting that perfect body does not happen overnight; rather, it is a journey of discipline and consistency. Growing up in a household of martial artists, these values have deeply ingrained in her. His father, a black belter, is her inspirational figure when she started her martial arts career at 3. Throughout the years, Milica climbed up the ladder and made a name in the martial arts arena. She was able to compete in the international scene and bagged the world championship thrice. In her birth country alone, she was tagged as the best sportswoman. On top of that, she has won 300 medals and trophies which are beautifully displayed at her home.

All her life, she wholly dedicated herself to sports. Ultimately, she was able to achieve mastery in martial arts. Despite winning awards after awards, Milica did not stop there. Instead, she decided to make a living out of her passion. Taking everything she learned in martial arts, she applied it to her newfound fitness company, Her passion for fitness was not the only driving factor that motivated her to start the company. Rather, it was her commitment to helping people who want to be fit and healthy in the most realistic sense. For her, there is no magic pill for losing weight. A journey to a healthier lifestyle is about learning the art of discipline. It is not about starving yourself but rather eating right. Nor it is about losing pounds of weight instantly but instead setting realistic and sustainable goals.

This project of hers is not only ideal for people who want to lose weight. It is also meant for those who strive to bulk up, gain weight, or get fit. Moreover, her holistic approach to fitness involves a series of programs which are not only limited to physical exercises but also encompasses proper nutrition, supplement intake, one-on-one coaching, and motivation group support. 

To date, Mila’s fitness project has helped more than 10,000 people through proper coaching on the necessary steps to achieve overall fitness. “I help people truly change their lives, get to their goal, and be happy about their change,” Milica said. True to her words, she has always tirelessly been working alongside her clients on their fitness journey. With more students signing up in her program, Milica hopes to instill confidence and happiness through consistent diet and exercise.

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