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Blood Moon Gathers Momentum Ahead of Its Official Launch in November

The digital revolution began over a decade ago with the development of a decentralized digital currency that is free from government interference and policies, culminating in the development of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other assets and currencies. However, this revolution soon divested into the development of tokens known as NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens, which, although has been around since 2012, did not quite generate the necessary clout until 2020, and ahead of the launch, Blood Moon NFTs take a distinct approach to business compared to others in the game.

Digitally designed and modeled as an offshoot of baseball cards, artworks, or collector items. They feature a distinct digital creation that makes each unit unique and thereby enforces an exclusive demand of its own. It’s been a short while since NFTs were first introduced as valuable digital assets, but since then, they have gone on to turn regular internet users into moguls. Blood Moon is towing similar lines and is in a prime position to become the next NFT to make collectors wealthy as it steadily picks up a frenzy of its own ahead of its launch.

Ahead of the launch in November, the metaverse will be crawling with bloodthirsty werewolves as Blood Moon NFTs launch with 10,310 tokens up for grabs. The werewolf characters are all that digital art collectors imagine them to be: fierce, well-created, and fantastic.

Blood Moon features properties and traits that haven’t been seen before in any NFT projects before now. This is because most of the projects use the same typical properties with slight variations.

“For instance, we used a severed  arm, hand holding different items from a human heart, a human head to a dead bunny for example. We’ve also taken into tremendous consideration backgrounds for the art. We used a majority of scenes for our backgrounds instead of doing the stereotypical basic color backgrounds. I think once people get their eyes on our artwork, they will be blown away,” one of the developers explained.

The Blood Moon NFT collection brings to life a fictional world where humans have risen against a brood of wild werewolves who have been terrorizing villages for a long time. In a massive plot twist, the hunter becomes hunted in this narrative that seeks out individual werewolf characters with personalities and unique characteristics. Part of the fictional world is a rare collection of immortal werewolves that can only be killed when their enchanted necklaces come off.

On this project, the artist and art director successfully created a generative NFT project that is much more diverse and creative than any other project the NFT space has seen. “You don’t get that same dull feeling after you’ve looked at them for an hour. A lot of different and creative properties/traits that others don’t have. With that in mind, we wanted to be even more different, so we used 99.8% backgrounds that were scenes and not just basic color backgrounds that most projects use.”

Learn more about Blood Moon NFTs ahead of its launch via its website, or join the social media discussion on Instagram and Twitter.

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