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Brandi L. Benson Shares Her Inspiring Story of Conquering Her Inner Enemy

Brandi L. Benson

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Although the journey may be tough and challenging, there is always hope beyond what a person sees. As a matter of fact, some of the most inspiring and worthwhile endings often breed from a survival story filled with doubts, struggles and unrelenting trials. These tribulations allow us to prepare ourselves for a life thronged with success.

For Brandi L. Benson, it was in the hardships she faced that made her who she is today- a strong woman permeated with vigor to move forward. Now, as a cancer survivor, Brandi invites everyone to bravely go through the several struggles that life brings and conquer them with a compassionate and resilient heart. By overcoming these challenges, triumphs await for the victor.

As one of the foremost advocates for battling cancer, Brandi L. Benson’s grueling past serves as an epitome of strength and resilience. Having been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, almost everyone thought she only had a few months to live. However, her resilient mindset did not allow these negativities to overpower her hope. Instead, Brandi redirected this energy and used them as sources of motivation toward climbing the pinnacles of victory.

Bred in Novato, California, Brandi L. Benson always had a knack for propelling herself toward greatness with unparalleled tenacity. Fueled by her dreams to represent her country as a world-class athlete, Brandi joined the U.S. Army to hone her skills and fulfill her goals. Her persevering spirit catapulted her career in the military, and Brandi was stationed in Iraq after basic training. 

After only three months of serving in the military, 24-year-old Brandi was diagnosed with one of the rarest forms of cancer across the globe, Ewing Sarcoma.

Feeling hopeless and dejected, Brandi L. Benson almost spiraled into an abyss of endless self-doubt and denial. As she realized how her journey could impact the lives of many similarly-situated individuals, she stormed through it all by writing her experiences in a journal. This newfound strength emboldened her to pack her bags and take the first flight to Germany to play the odds against cancer.

Pounding the pavement to conquer her personal battle, Brandi walked away from the hospital, triumphantly defying the odds with one less muscle in her left leg and a cancer-free disposition. Although her dreams of becoming a world-class athlete ended, Brandi embraced her new identity and set out to be an inspiration to those who continue to struggle in conquering their battles. She decided to share her inspiring story with the world with a newfound purpose and turned her journal into a book entitled “The Enemy Inside Me.”

Since its release, “The Enemy Inside Me” has inspired struggling individuals to face their fears and conquer their battles.

In the coming years, Brandi hopes to continue her mission of enlightening the world with her strong spirit and empowering tale of trials and triumphs. She also wants to become a beacon of hope for cancer patients around the world and anyone facing “an enemy” in whatever form.

To know more about Brandi, you may visit her website.

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