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Brien Allen of Altermind, Al Cielo, and Bridges Ablaze to Drop New Music in 2021

Brien Allen

Amid being in the most challenging year yet, musician Brien Allen has had a lot going for his music career this 2020 and a whole lot more set for 2021. The music artist is most excited for many projects. Some of these include his band Altermind’s collaboration with Lauren Babic and an upcoming EDM song where he plays lead guitar tracks. He is also working on a couple other projects called Arborenna and Perpetual Horizon, and is even currently in the talks to play a role as an actor in an independent film to be released next year. 

Brien Allen is a multi-talented musician taking on a vocalist and lead guitarist role for music bands Al Cielo and Bridges Ablaze. With the mentorship and guidance of music mogul Charlie Walk, Al Cielo was brought to life through the Music Mastery program. Both bands are scheduled to release new songs by 2021, combining various genres to create more unique sounds. Ultimately, the difference between the two bands is that Bridges Ablaze was formed alongside Brien’s good friend outside of Music Mastery, and it takes on a more duet-like sound with both guitarists playing as the vocalists. On the other hand, Al Cielo is a national bilingual act with members of the band spread across the United States. For this band, the songs are a combination of genres from rock to Latin and pop to electronic for its catalog of singles. 

The upcoming music sensation is also a part of the progressive Austin-based band called Altermind. At present, Brien Allen and the band are working on its debut, slated to drop in early 2021 with one song featuring Lauren Babic as a guest vocalist. 

But before attaining the musical success he enjoys today, Brien Allen was on a whole different career path for himself, pursuing petroleum engineering. Growing up with a self-employed geophysicist for a father, he quickly grew fond of science at an early age. “As a kid, I just wanted to make my family proud. I knew I loved science and my father was involved in oil and gas, so I figured pursuing petroleum engineering would bring my parents pride,” shares the engineer-turned-musician. Halfway through college, he began to realize that his passion for music was much stronger. However, he was still determined to finish the degree as an engineer. By 2014, he left university life and pursued an independent path.

After joining a local rock band, he began playing and touring for shows. Still, after investing so much in his musical endeavors, his music career did not seem to go anywhere. “I felt right then that my dreams were slipping away, so I knew I had to rebrand and withdraw and start again. However, I was determined to never repeat the same mistakes,” he explains. 

Years later, he now finds himself thriving in the music arena. He is quickly rising in the music industry, with a growing number of followers and listeners across social media and music streaming platforms. On Instagram alone, he has gained more than 11,400 followers, and he continues to grow his online presence as he releases more exciting singles.

Much of what makes Brien Allen stand out as an artist is his ability to embrace diversity and his passion for exploring and combining different genres. His specialization in guitar shredding techniques and putting technical lead guitars in more mainstream genres also makes him an exceptional artist. 

In the future, Brien Allen hopes to take his music career to the next level and work on international projects, world tours, and more albums.

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