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Bringing Another Level of Refinement to Video Making, Emilio Bernot Looks Back to His Humble Beginnings

If you put your mind into something, you can achieve whatever you want. This is the mindset that has opened doors for Emilio Bernot in the world of creative and professional video making. He’s worked with many key people in the entertainment industry like Paul Wall, Fredo Bang, Slim Thug, among others. Emilio directs most of the videos he makes and edits them to perfection. 

Motivated and intent to establish himself as one of the premiere video makers in the country, Emilio looks back to his humble beginnings. He shares that by going back to where it all began, he gets a clear picture of where he wants to go.

The promising video maker grew up inside a modest home. When he was in the 5th grade, Emilio’s parents separated, and he was transferred to a boarding school. Enrolling in a strict institution and suffering from depression brought by the trauma of his parent’s divorce, Emilio found himself in challenging waters. He struggled to fit in. To him, the experience was the worst, but he eventually gained footing, graduated from high school, and decided to take a path that serves his best interests at heart.

Emilio began as a photography student at the Fusion Academy. Emilio’s mother thought that the course would be a great exposure to him as he was exhibiting an inclination to the creative arts. And his mother was right. Emilio took a liking for photography. “I loved how you can make a bright place look dark and mysterious,” he said. In just a year within the program, Emilio and his friends were able to secure bookings with local artists.

What drove Emilio to pursue video making was after landing a photoshoot deal with a rapper named Scotty Mcthottie. Instead of a photoshoot, Scotty decided to do an MV. “I had worked with eye movie and stuff before, but I really didn’t know if I wanted to make Scotty his video,” he shared. A week later, Emilio delivered, and the shoot was a success. Thereafter, he knew that he had the untapped potential for video making.

Emilio’s newfound pursuit excites him. The entire process—from sealing a deal, planning the shoot, eyeing possible spots, to the actual shoot and editing afterward—is a delight to the young video maker. Emilio also places great importance on the clients he works with. He said, “When an artist wants me to make him or her a video, he or she is my boss.” Unlike many video makers who call every shot for the videos, Emilio creates the videos according to his clients’ requests—a work ethic that sets him apart from his competitors. “Whatever the artist wants the video to look like is how I’ll make it,” he further explained.

Apart from video making, Emilio takes pride as a social media icon. Taking his talent to the viral social media platform TikTok, he experiences immense success, entertaining over 900,000 followers; and his fan base is growing by the day.

In all of his experiences, Emilio learned that putting your mind into something is crucial to succeeding in one’s passion. Even with waves of problems, if the mind is set to a firm goal, the tides will always lead to one’s desired place.

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