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Bringing Back the Human Element in Business Development with Shaan Rais

Shaan Rais

Some people are not equipped with the right mindset and skill to run a successful business. As a matter of fact, most aspiring entrepreneurs look for ways to learn the ropes behind the craft from others, even if it would cost them a little. While it has become generally accepted to ask for help in this cutthroat environment, offering aid to business owners has lost its most important human element overtime—which is genuinely caring for these struggling entrepreneurs. And as a person who expresses genuine concern to those who ask for help, Shaan Rais commits himself to help budding magnates with the challenges they face in their business pursuits.

Hailed as one of the most reliable figures in business coaching and development, Shaan Rais took it upon himself to provide avenues for entrepreneurs to grow and make them feel that someone genuinely cares. And although the business landscape often tests the characters of many aspiring moguls, Shaan made it his mission to transform the industry by highlighting the element of warmth and care in the pursuit of greatness.

Pounding the pavement to achieve his promising mission of sparking a revolution in the business scene, Shaan Rais made it his priority to groom himself for the goal he envisioned. To him, becoming a sterling figure of growth and development requires a person that walks the talk. Determined, he set out to transform himself into the person that he is today: a Master’s degree holder of two equally brilliant fields, Industrial and Organizational Psychology with a specialization in Evidence-Based Coaching and Organizational Development and Change.

Proving to be unstoppable in his craft, Shaan Rais obtained a certificate in Extreme Execution Coaching. He was also recognized as an ETA Speaker by the ETA Game Changers Program. 

Although Shaan Rais has sufficiently equipped himself to set his goals into motion, his plans took an unexpected turn because of the global health crisis. Unmoved by the unfortunate circumstance, Shaan Rais redesigned his mission of helping aspiring entrepreneurs by taking advantage of technological advancements.

As the pandemic continues to exist, Shaan Rais thought it best to continue materializing his goals to help struggling entrepreneurs during these trying times. Using his talents and the power of the digital age, Shaan Rais launched #BrandedLikeALeader—an inaugural 8-week online course that primarily tackles effective advertising and marketing through the use of branding and leadership.

With the program’s multifaceted framework, state-of-the-art methods, and the founder’s unparalleled talents, Shaan Rais has strategically helped guide several budding entrepreneurs toward greatness while earning over $150,000 in 90 days. This rapid climb toward the summits of success was made possible without the use of sponsored ads.

As Shaan Rais continues to succeed in taking the reins of his chosen field, it comes as no surprise how he has gained a sterling image across the realms of business and entrepreneurship. With everything he has obtained, he hopes to continue his quest to make more successful entrepreneurs out of those who wish to become one.To know more about Shaan Rais, you may visit his website.

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