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BryantDaCellist Plays to Change the World

Joshua Bryant, better known as BryantDaCellist in the music community, is a contemporary cellist and actor from Memphis, Tennessee. Joshua has built a reputation for playing a classic and timeless instrument with his modern flair. His performances have captivated audiences in the most prominent stages across America. But Joshua doesn’t want to stop dreaming. He envisions touring around the world, carrying his undeniable passion for music. 

The talented musician has been playing cello for over 16 years. He has come a long way from being a regular kid at Memphis. Joshua has graced the prestigious stage of Centennial Park in Nashville. He has also made a nationwide appearance on ABC 24 News. 

To continually update and please his fans and followers, Joshua uploads his electric cello covers on his social media platforms. He maximizes the opportunities he could take through the digital world. Thanks to the internet, Joshua’s music reaches listeners all around the world. He believes that his music and his life story can inspire people of all ages to follow their dreams. 

On top of being a spectacular cellist, Joshua is also an amazing actor. He has starred in multiple Hallmark movies where he played diverse roles. Joshua amazed producers and fellow actors with his talent and versatility to play any part. He recently scored a role in an upcoming movie. 

In both of the career paths he has taken, Joshua wants to make a positive change for his hometown, Memphis. Through his cello, he aims to bring music programs to local schools and encourage kids to pursue music. He also aspires to set an example for the younger generation to develop their potentials and talents.

Joshua has always been passionate about music and acting, even at a young age. But without his hard work and perseverance, Joshua believes that he wouldn’t have reached where he is today. He has attained incredible milestones that other people his age can only dream of. 

Joshua wants to instill to the youth how important it is to do what makes them happy. He wants aspiring artists to follow their art first, and fame and money will follow. Joshua is proof that being authentic will pave the way for audiences to adore you. He is not running off to be the next Yo-Yo Ma or any world-famous cellist for that matter. The artist is determined to build his own name and become the best he can be. Joshua plays his cello with a unique kind of rawness and intensity that no other artist has done before, and perhaps no one ever will.

What Joshua is doing is truly remarkable. He aims to change the world through music. Joshua believes that he can change the way people listen to cellists, one note at a time. Many artists are struggling to find their sound. But Joshua has done it for himself. His original style compels his audiences and leaves them wanting more. Indeed, one can see who Joshua is as a person and an artist through every performance. 

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