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C-Faith: A Rising Music Star and Promising Entrepreneur


C-Faith is an exceptional 19-year-old in this generation, slowly building her fanbase as a rising music artist and a budding entrepreneur. As a young woman with no tolerance for nonsense, she focuses all her energy in her songwriting and producing her own songs, knowing that the future belongs to those who hustle today. Not only is she determined to succeed as a singer, but she has also successfully planned out her cosmetics line that she is set to launch next year – a rare feat for most women her age. 

The young rapper is currently taking up Journalism at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia, and is determined to finish with honors by 2021. She was recently granted a scholarship from the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and accepted her awards virtually last September 25, 2020. Despite having gained a considerable degree of momentum in launching her music career and soon-to-be business, education is still C-Faith’s top priority at this point. She wants to serve as an inspiration to her peers and see that they, too, can start to build their dreams without compromising their education. 

C-Faith is a young woman with many talents. She discovered her musical talents when she was in middle school and began writing and producing her own materials. Interestingly, she is listed on the Billboards and has an ever-expanding fanbase of 50k followers on Instagram. A week ago, she released three new singles, and they generated 30k streams combined. Her singles Dollar Bills, Freak, and Rebuke the Devil are just some of the many new songs that she intends to release in the coming months. 

Her cosmetics line called ARREIC is ready for launching next year once the pandemic slows down a little bit. She will be introducing 16 different colors of lip gloss that are paraben-free and hormone-free. Her slogan for her lip glosses is “Lips for everyone.” Aside from her lip gloss collection, she will also be introducing famous mink lashes as she herself is well-known for having remarkable eyelashes. She specifically intends for her cosmetics to be affordable and made of good quality so that young women from all walks of life can wear them proudly. 

C-Faith is best known for her fighting spirit as she never quits on something that she is very passionate about. Becoming a respected name in the music industry may take time, but she is determined to make it happen nonetheless. She wants to set an example for young people like her who have dreams of becoming somebody a lot of people said they would never become. C-Faith is out to show the world that nothing is impossible for those who work with honesty, good intentions, and perseverance. 

As C-Faith continues to grow in her career, she wants to be able to help underprivileged communities as a philanthropist. Donating to as many charities as she can is also one of her major objectives. She believes that she will only achieve success in her music career and business if she fixes her eyes on her goals and continues to work hard in order to accomplish them. She is confident that she will make it and one day see her music making it to the top charts around the world. With grit and determination, she continues to hustle today to reap the benefits of her labor in the future. 

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