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Canadian Rapper D’NME on Taking Full Control of His Music


If there’s one thing that a music artist should always carry up his sleeves, it’s confidence. Independent rapper D’NME is undoubtedly the most gifted and technically sound artist to emerge in the hip-hop scene today. He has proclaimed himself the “face of the rap game” and the “greatest rapper in the world.” D’NME does not hesitate to recognize his talent and potential. For the artist, striving for greatness is normal, and no one should ever settle for anything less.

Born Roderick Anson, the artist is a native of Toronto, Canada. As an independent Canadian rapper, D’NME feels that he has a responsibility to break the stigma the world has against Canadian artists. His music is an avenue for him to shatter the prejudice of listeners worldwide with the level of talent and authenticity that he brings to the table. The artist has built a name for himself in the industry without any assistance from major record labels or prominent artists. 

“For me, it speaks volumes to be a hip-hop artist that doesn’t fit the mold but is still able to break through and make noise in the industry,” the rapper said. D’NME isn’t shy about his vision of building a career in the business. He began his journey in the underground Toronto rap scene in the late 2000s with his first mixtape called The Death of Me. Later on, the artist realized that he could maximize his talent by exploring contemporary platforms.

D’NME capitalized on the emergence of the digital music market and independently released his second mixtape called Guns & Roses, hosted by the late DJ Whiteowl in 2012. It was a strategic move for D’NME because it garnered him a considerable amount of recognition online. During the same year, the rapper recorded an intro freestyle for hip-hop legend Sway Calloway. It aired on Sway’s world-famous show called Sway in the Morning

The rapper’s career continued to prosper. In 2013, D’NME made various appearances in underground mixtapes. He was also featured in the Indie Grind Spotlight section of the Hip Hop Weekly magazine. In 2015, the artist released his third mixtape called I Smell Blood in the Water, hosted by none other than Southern Smoke founder DJ Smallz. 

He continued to drop more tracks online. One of his best online smashes is his single called Bad AF featuring Adam Duncan. The song captured many women hip-hop enthusiasts. In 2017, D’NME’s EP called Number One with a Bullet earned him respect in the online community. His catalog on Spotify has reached over half a million streams. The rapper’s newest single, “Untouchable,” has reached over 150,000 streams on Spotify. 

Furthermore, in 2019, D’NME made history as the first Canadian rapper to receive the “Freestyle of the Week” accolade on the DogHouse radio show in Bronx, New York. The rapper has also been featured on very credible platforms such as Power 105.1 and Thisis50. His several appearances have proven that the rapper has made waves outside Canada. 

Asked about what separates him from other artists, D’NME said that his stylistic approach in his lyrics and music makes him unique. “I would say that I put a lot of emphasis on the technical aspect of rapping while still making great music that doesn’t sound dated,” the rapper said further.

D’NME finds power in having artistic freedom and always being in control of his own narrative when it comes to building his brand. The rapper himself makes every decision in his career. He is not confined by the limits and conditions that other artists need to be respectful of, nor did he wait for anyone’s assistance to build himself in the industry. In the greatest sense, D’NME is a true artist that moves to the beat of his drum. 

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