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Cass Cardelle Is Relentless in Her Pursuit for Her Dreams

Cass Cardelle

Many children grow up with aspirations to become something more, something bigger. This is mostly the effect of movies, television, and radio programs, giving them something to enjoy. It exposes them to great and talented people and inspires them to follow in their footsteps.

Among the thousands of children who aspire to reach for the stars is a content creator and recording artist named Cass Cardelle. Like others, she shared a passion for music and acting as a child and would later pursue such a career.

Cass came from the Cradle of Liberty, Boston, Massachusetts. From a young age, she trained in dancing, particularly in ballet. For 12 years, Cass trained at the Boston Ballet School while also polishing her music and onstage skills. Cass knew exactly what she wanted to do and worked hard to get there.

She would later move to Los Angeles to pursue opportunities in acting with the plan to make music on the side. In the years she spent living in Los Angeles, she managed to get gigs such as appearing on a dating show on CMT, flying over to Japan to perform her music, and even receiving offers to work with brands via social media and print modeling.

While Cass has enjoyed living the dream, opportunities didn’t just show up and sign her once she got off the plane. As do all aspiring actresses and singers, she had to grow with rejection in auditions. This was something that she had always been prepared for, knowing the entertainment industry.

Things had been going well for Cass until she found herself severely injured two years ago. She suffered eight fractured bones, rendering her unable to work in retail, photo and video shoots, attend castings, make music or travel. 

Her dreams were put on hold for a while. After about five-months of recovery and learning to walk again with physical therapy,  Cass was able to get back on track with pursuing her dreams. 

Ever since the pandemic forced cities to enter quarantine, Cass has been making good use of her time at home. She has been collaborating with several brands curating content, sketching, and writing and making music, releasing her song ‘Lying’ on YouTube just last July. She has also been designing graphic t-shirts and merchandise, which will be released soon. Cass will be donating a percentage of her t-shirt sales to help charities of her choice and help rebuild Lebanon.

Cass Cardelle is active on her social media pages, where you can find updates on her graphic t-shirts. She has accounts that you may follow on Instagram and Twitter. Cass also has a page on IMDB.

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