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Celebrity Dentist Dr. Shah-Khan, on His Way to Hollywood Super Stardom, Expresses Alarming Concern over COVID Fatigue

Dr. Shah-Khan

Dr. Shah-Khan leaving a dinner meeting in Beverly Hills for his new TV show.

He was leaving a restaurant in Beverly Hills on busy Canon Drive, dressed in black jeans, a fitted round collar shirt, and designer sneakers with gold lettering. Photographers instantly started taking pictures, causing a frenzy. Surprisingly, he is not an actor. His name? Dr. Muzaffar Shah-Khan, DDS, and he is a rising superstar. He was gracious with photographers that followed him for blocks. They asked about the election, and he said, “I’ll fix President Trump’s teeth if he wants me to.” It’s fair to say everyone went crazy.

Far from your typical dentist, he possesses a natural aura for global stardom. His comment landed him an article on The Blast! and the young doctor has gained popularity not only for his clinical expertise but also for his charismatic personality, high fashion, and movie-star looks. At present, there has been quite a demand from supporters for an exclusive “Dr. Shah-Khan Show”—a modern celebrity healthcare project currently in talks with several networks. 

He is mindful of raising awareness for imminent healthcare initiatives as Dr. has a public health and cancer research background. He said “COVID Fatigue is very real and I am most concerned for the youth. We have been dealing with this for 8 months now. I opened my new practice about a year ago, so it’s been tough. The pandemic has long lasting effects—mentally, physically, and financially.”

He goes on to say “Wearing a mask, washing and sanitizing your hands regularly is a must. These basic practices save lives, and people still don’t do them. Physical distancing is important. ‘Social distancing’ is inaccurate and misleading. Be more social with friends and family—do it virtually. Frequent virtual check-ins have exponential positive mental, emotional, and systemic benefits.  Remain vigilant as there are thousands of new cases daily, and hospitals are overwhelmed. Obviously people are doing something wrong.”

Dr. Shah-Khan having a good time between patients in his practice, Oak Ridge Dental & Surgery, LLC.

Dr. Muzaffar Shah-Khan, DDS, is a Chicago-based celebrity dentist-surgeon and owner of Oak Ridge Dental & Surgery, LLC.  Born to ambitious immigrants from Hyderabad, India, his father is a former candy company executive who owns real estate properties, and his mom is a physician. Growing up, he and his siblings (his brother an attorney, and his sister a surgical oncologist) witnessed the importance of hard work. With that in mind, he put passion, determination, and commitment in every step he took toward his goals. He is now a sought after dentist and surgeon, business and property owner, and soon will be hosting his own TV show.

Dr. Muzaffar Shah-Khan swarmed by paparazzi and taking pictures with fans in Beverly Hills.

In previous mention of his LA meetings regarding his show and celebrity clients, several supporters—ranging from California blondes, wealthy Armenian women, to little kids—requested photos with Dr. Shah-Khan. He graciously accommodated and handled the whole fiasco like a seasoned movie star.

The forward-thinking doctor is also a staunch advocate for diversity, representation, and inclusivity, especially in mainstream media immediately. This comes as the historic election of Vice President Kamala Harris, also an Indian American like Dr. Shah-Khan.  “The Dr. Shah-Khan Show” is a celebrity healthcare show focused on delivering dynamic, entertaining, and educational content with a mission to positively impact the lives of viewers. “As a doctor, my entire schooling and training has been to help people. I will bring that same sentiment to my show, with style of course. It’s going to be lit,” shares the megastar-in-the-making.

Dr. Shah-Khan stands out through his unique ability to tell a story. The way he relays information resonates better with a broader audience. He definitely has a greater reach than Dr. Oz or the success of Dr. Phil. With an overwhelming stage presence, he will land global appeal and win hearts from Hollywood to Bollywood.

Indeed, Dr. Muzaffar Shah-Khan, DDS, is unlike any other health professional on or off the big screen. Whether in the surgical suite, fashion, or socio-political advocacies, the star doctor truly shines bright like a diamond. 

To learn more about Dr. Muzaffar Shah-Khan, DDS, please visit his official website and follow him on Instagram for entertaining updates. 

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