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CEO Dawnmarie Deshaies of Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit LLC Taking Multiple Sclerosis Warriors To the Front Line

Dawnmarie Deshaies

In what has seemed like a battle against life itself, Dawnmarie Deshaies has been fighting all her life against Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that attacks the central nervous system. It has been touted as a disease with no cure, and the thought of living with it can be demoralizing for anyone. However, Dawnmarie Deshaies has found a way to channel all the fear and uncertainty into strength and established her company, Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit LLC.

Through her brand, Dawnmarie has channeled her emotional struggles into a source of strength that helps her and many other people get through each day. Living with an auto-immune disease and understanding first-hand what the experience feels like, she has learned more about the disease, personal self-care, and how to live with it. She is now on the journey of helping others experiencing the same thing on their healing journey, which is, in turn, helping her heal too.

She recently published her second  book, “Finding the Sun Through the Clouds,”

Published By: Fulton Books available everywhere which details her experience living with Multiple Sclerosis. Narrating her first-hand experience with the disease, she aims to positively impact the world and change the narration for as many people as she can. She has chronicled her life story with the disease in this book to give other people a reason to never give up and inspire them.

Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit LLC, has put together various programs to build pathways to wellness through an active lifestyle, motivational coaching, healthy eating choices, personalized fitness, and positive thinking. The company uses podcasts, virtual learning and coaching, books, and a sense of community to foster a wellness mindset in anyone living with multiple sclerosis or any other auto-immune disease.

Dawnmarie Deshaies gets through each day with an enthusiastic attitude and a positive mindset. Through her Instagram, she reaches out to thousands of people worldwide with her uplifting and inspiring posts. She is a firm believer in sending out messages of love and support to as many people as possible worldwide. She even takes it a notch higher by scheduling FaceTime calls every day to help others, and herself get through the day.

She hosts a podcast, Live With Dawnmarie, which was named in the top 15 podcasts of 2020 on NY Weekly. She has also been featured in some of the top online publications in the world. And other than her recently released book, she is also the author of “Living with PhantoMS a Journey to the truth,” which is available on Amazon.

Her coaching program is another avenue through which she connects with other people struggling with multiple sclerosis. While she focuses on helping as many people as she can. In her words, “No matter what life throws at you, you can find the strength within your soul to help yourself and others. Through honesty and compassion, what you can do is limitless. You simply have to name it and define it. You can overcome!”

Learn more about Dawnmarie Deshaies on her official website, Instagram page, and YouTube Channel

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