Changing The Way Influencer Marketing Is Done With Chase McAnear’s Siren Agency

A Los Angeles-based agency is taking influencer marketing to a whole new level worldwide! With new-wave media taking over our smartphone screens, businesses are searching for new ways to reach their customers, and the Siren Agency is here to help. 

Co-founded by Chase McAnear and Russell Hartley, Siren is a full-service talent agency focusing on marketing and brand partnerships, all done through social media influencers. In today’s day and age, influencer marketing is vital for increasing brand awareness and recognition. Influencers create a unique space for advertisers, as each influencer’s followers already have a sense of trust with the person they are following. Instead of a brand trying to gain customers’ trust, it already exists, allowing for a more significant and impactful reach. 

Siren is an agency that works for its brand partners just as hard as it works for its talent—providing unique and specific metrics on each of their clients, guaranteeing a less expensive “cost per clicks” and larger conversion to “clicks” and orders from each ad placed through the influencer’s social media platforms. 

The way the Siren Agency manages and reports on campaigns is precise and all-encompassing. The team can locate media positions across each of their clients’ marketing channels, allowing them to generate the most return on the brand partners’ media spend. This ability to organize campaign data enables them to optimize each ongoing campaign for conversions in things like new email subscribers, social media followers, website purchases, and store visits over the course of the campaign. Siren clients have seen brand engagement increase by up to 400% from traditional marketing strategies. 

Siren’s list of clients stretches far and wide with influencers to fit any brand’s mission and intended audience. Their current client list are top creators across many social media platforms, amassing over five hundred million followers in total all over the world. When brands partner with Siren, they partner with a talented team of individuals who want to see results. The mission at Siren is to bridge the gap between talent and brands, making it a simple process for every party. 

The team at the Siren Agency is a group of skilled professionals with backgrounds in publicity, business ownership, brand management, social media, and some are even influencers themselves. Their experience offers wide-scale perspectives for talent and brands. The team stays on top of trends and monitors content to ensure that talent only has to worry about producing content. Siren’s ability to get specific with their content creators about what audiences are looking for and how it fits within the campaign allows for a more extensive reach for clients and brands. The team also will negotiate all deals, provide specific analytics to brands, and guarantee that all parties have clear expectations of what is to be delivered. This lets creators focus on creating quality content and will enable brands to sit back and know their ad spend will target the demographic they are hoping to reach.

Social media marketing is no new concept, but the Siren Agency is shaking up how it’s done, allowing clients and brands alike to see growth, engagement, and increased profits.

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Veronica Thompson

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