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Chart-Topping Singer Jolie Is Set to Dominate This Year’s Music Charts

Watch out 2020, here she comes. Multiple chart-topper and singer Jolie has reunited with her former manager Gianluca Pizzorno and is ready to dominate this year’s charts with hit songs in the works. 

Anyone familiar with Jolie’s sound would know of the pop singer’s unique voice, impressive tracks, and incredible ability to deliver emotions throughout her songs. The singer’s discography boasts of hit and well-made tracks such as “Fire,” “I’m All In,” “Mueve Mueve,” and her latest single “Like a Knife” with monthly listeners on Spotify of more than a whopping 200,000.

Jolie’s audience has only continued to grow since she first debuted in the industry. Her first single was the heavily-lauded “Fire,” which soared to popularity and snagged highly coveted features on MTV, Billboard, and BBC Radio 1. The singer’s debut single burned bright and attracted views and searches on music streaming sites like moths to a flame.

“Fire”‘s success gave way to the artist’s leaping start in the music and entertainment business. Jolie revisited the single with two acoustic versions, releasing them after spending many hours in the studio with the multi-platinum selling songwriter Fabio Campidelli and music icon Alex Alessandroni who has collaborated with legends of the same caliber as Whitney Houston, P!nk, and Christina Aguilera.

Jolie’s debut single was so popular that it earned a cinematic interpretation from Dom Capuano. The version carries awe-inducing strings arrangement and brings its listeners on a one-of-a-kind journey with Jolie’s breathtaking vocals. A Goodwheel Remix that will bring electronic and funky disco elements to the original “Fire” is currently underway.

Having worked with giants in the music industry, one of which is Multi-Platinum Selling Producer Juan Luis Ayala who produced and co-wrote Jolie’s latest single, the singer’s voice and qualities has been recognized by music’s big names.

Jolie’s flawless reputation in the business has led to collaborations with established artists, having been featured on albums such as “Frame” by Holograph, “Bon Appetit” by Chef 187, “I Remember” by Darence, and Bmpyyung’s recently released album, “HP DD,” among others. Jolie has also lent her voice to the soundtrack of several blockbuster movies in Hollywood and TV Shows the likes of Zoolander 2 and Super Girl.

With the chart-topper’s outstanding track record, 2020 will be no different from the years that the singer has been gracing tracks with her voice. Jolie has recently reunited with her former manager, Gianluca Pizzorno, which makes for an unstoppable pair. Gianluca’s connections, including a Grammy award winner, several platinum-selling producers, songwriters, and artists coupled with Jolie’s undeniable talent, is more than enough to bulldoze through anything standing in their way.

Competition is constant and inevitable in the music industry. As it is in any art, the artist’s talent and determination are what make a glaring difference. With her latest single, “Like a Knife,” seating itself on Mexico’s iTunes chart and Italy’s iTunes Top 30, there is no question about Jolie’s musical and vocal prowess. As she has before, the singer is determined to top annual charts.

Get a taste of the sound that will dominate 2020’s music charts. Jolie’s impressive and multiple-chart topping tracks are available on Spotify.

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