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Cheetah Gang Announced Its Launch Date and Its Close

Anyone who has been into the whole NFT frenzy will know that NFT drops are gold rushes in the making. Pre-sale values are often the lowest entry points, after which trade and resale values shoot up dramatically. Accordingly, new NFT drops like the much-awaited Cheetah Gang lineup could become an investment opportunity of a lifetime for anyone who comes in early. 

Recently, the team behind the Cheetah Gang NFT have announced the launch date, and it’s coming up soon. The pegged pre-sale release will start on October 20, 2021, at 1 PM UTC. Ten thousand unique contracts will go live, and 9,950 will be available to NFT collectors once it does. The other 50 will remain untouched as they will go to lucky winners who will receive these unique digital art pieces after joining the community. 

Non-fungible tokens have been the latest blockchain-based investment craze as many collectors have reportedly earned anywhere between a few thousand to a few million dollars on the ledger’s arbitrage. How it works is that a group of artists and developers work together to create a digital art piece, which gets embedded into a unique crypto-based ledger and goes up for sale online. As the demand for an artwork goes up, so does its price. Many of these NFT artworks start below one Ethereum in value, or roughly about $3,500 and can skyrocket by about ten to a hundred times in a matter of weeks or months. 

The trick to spotting these investment opportunities is to watch out for upcoming releases that have a lot of followers and noise before their launch. One that has been on the radar is Cheetah Gang, which now has over 17,000 followers spread across its networks and only 10,000 individual ledgers to go by. 

Cheetah Gang is based on a fictional set of Cheetah cartoon characters that exist in a future where their species is now going extinct because of a behavior change. In the Cheetah Gang’s world, these fast and oversized felines are no longer the cunning predators we know them to be. Instead, they’re slow and lazy, causing a massive majority to die out. With only ten thousand of these characters now alive in 2030, they have all decided to move into the Ethereum network, where they can survive. 

The characters are based on unique permutations of around 150 different attributes. No two NFTs are alike. Art collectors and artists alike have praised the NFT collection for its intricate designs. Cheetah Gang moves away from the more common five-minute sketch designs. The artist behind these creatures has put a lot of work into giving each character a distinct persona. 

Upon its official launch date reveal, the company had also announced that it would be donating 10% of its revenue towards charities that fight for animal welfare. In addition, the team has also stipulated that they will be operating a little differently, sticking to a fair distribution model that prohibits any reservations, making the acquisition journey fair and equal to all. Collectors have a few days to go before Cheetah Gang hits the pre-sale phase. To learn more or start the purchasing process, visit Cheetah Gang’s website, Twitter, and Discord.

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