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Chibi Dinos Explodes Into the NFT Scene and Sells Out on Minting Day

Cryptocurrency and the digital asset industry have impacted the economic realm in innumerable ways, from introducing an entirely new approach to payments and improving cross-border transactions to supporting financial inclusion as they do not demand complex technological standards. Highly expected to become a staple feature of the financial landscape in the years to come, it is bound to change how people handle and disburse money and other properties. This year, another form of digital asset has exploded into the scene: NFTs. While they have been around since 2014, they didn’t hit the mainstream until early 2021, with numerous artists and high-profile names launching non-fungible tokens. One of the recently launched NFT is the Chibi Dinos, 10,000 cute NFTs of different chibis wearing dino suits. 

Sold and purchased like any other piece of property, NFTs are “one-of-a-kind” assets that stand as certificates of ownership for a physical or virtual entity. With every item rare as they are, the Chibi Dinos have taken things up a notch as each character has its individual teams and respective jersey numbers. This means that no Chibi Dino is identical and their value thrives on their uniqueness.

Programmatically generated based on 262 different features, the adorable characters wearing dinosaur suits are rich in details, from their head, dino mouth, eyes, hair, and face tattoos to their accessories and jerseys. They all belong to ten basketball teams, namely Jurassic Jumpers, Extinct Eaters, Crazy Carnivores, Cretaceous Creatures, Archaic Athletes, Outstanding Omnivores, Mesozoic Minions, Fabulous Fossils, Prehistoric Predators, and Honest Herbivores.

The minds behind the Chibi Dinos designed these tokens to serve not only as investments but as characters for users to journey with through all the stages of the NFT’s evolution. “In the future, users will be able to compete against other Chibi Dinos NFT owners in multiple different games in the metaverse,” the creators shared.

On Friday, August 20, 2021, the Chibi Dinos became available for minting at 0.06ETH. After twenty minutes, the tokens sold out, proving the growing prominence of NFTs and expansion of the community as well as of the appeal of these unique characters.

The massive success that the Chibi Dinos witnessed on its minting day is clear proof of its potential in the world of NFT. With the 10,000 Dinos having minted, the founders are then set to proceed to the next stage and use the funds to build the Chibi Dinos community. Part, as well, of the planned roadmap is to get the collection featured on Rarity Tools and establish strategic partnerships in the NFT space to reach more enthusiasts and interested individuals. Owners should also look forward to the drop of real physical Chibi Dino basketball jerseys and a host of other merchandise. 

Fueled by the drive to offer a memorable experience through a distinctive basketball metaverse, the team behind Chibi Dinos has a lot in store for the characters’ owners, including a metaverse integration, NFT airdrops for active owners, and 3D dino eggs. Learn more about Chibi Dinos by visiting its website and checking out its Twitter page.

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