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Christopher Morton: How His Debilitating Circumstances Fueled Him to Become a Model for the Deaf and the Disabled

Christopher Morton

It is beyond belief how some people continue to brave uncertainties even if the odds are pitted against them. True enough, resilience is not everyone’s friend. When people reach their limits, sometimes giving up is the best exit strategy. But for those whose strength remains steadfast amid difficulties, they serve as a reminder that dreams cannot be attained if people stay reluctant.

As someone who endured challenges for most of his life, Christopher Morton proves that no problem is so formidable that one cannot walk away from it. Admittedly, being greeted with disadvantages at a young age was no way to ensure a good future would lie ahead. However, Christopher’s disposition was beyond a stature of a snowflake – it was forged to sail through the stormy seas.

Hatched into the world with bodily impediments, Christopher experienced an unpalatable time while growing up. Being born as a premature infant, Christopher was twice as vulnerable as anyone who underwent normal parturition. Throughout his childhood and adolescent years, Christopher was often subjected to several abdominal surgeries for gastroschisis. He also underwent frequent replacement surgeries for his Central Line, Pick-lines, and G-tubes. 

Because of the countless antibiotics that he had to ingest over the years, he was diagnosed with hearing loss as early as the age of five.

While everyone thought those surgeries and misfortunes that he went through were enough for a youngster to endure, Christopher’s problematic health doubled as he traversed through his teenage years. At 14, he was again placed on a surgery table for Small Intestine Strictureplasty or SIS Procedure. This surgery sparked another chapter of Christopher’s life being confined in an enfeebling environment inside hospital rooms. His debilitated state forced him to spend 15 years under Total Parenteral Nutrition, which prevented Christopher from enjoying the vigor of being young.

However, being deaf and deprived for most of his younger years did not discourage Christopher from changing his path for the better. Needless to say, Christopher’s pursuit of a convalescent life was arduous from the get-go. But with his father behind his back, Christopher was fueled with enough zeal to move forward. Now that Christopher has steadily climbed the summits of success, he became one of the few motivational speakers who represent the deaf and the disabled in the State of Southern California.

Driven to inspire others, especially the youth, with his story of resilience and tenacity, Christopher has traveled across the country and packed whatever that can fit inside his 2005 Ford Focus just to achieve his dream of educating people in the power of changing one’s perspective. Having experienced tragedy at a young age and overcoming it, Christopher centers his talks around reshaping the definition of disability to something positive and that being different is not a hindrance to achieving one’s goals. 

Because of his empowering belief and personal circumstance, Christopher was able to reach out and inspire thousands of individuals from all walks of life to embrace disadvantages and treat them as driving forces to succeed.

With everything that Christopher has undergone throughout his life, he wishes to remind us that one should never lose sight of the goal. Although life has its way of filling itself with detours, it is in how a person treats these roadblocks in life that control one’s fate.

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