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Competition Committee Drafts Proposal to Implement Two Changes to the Upcoming NBA Season

NBA to witness two new rules next season if proposal goes through

Counter-attacks are some of the most exciting things in sports, but there are times when the attacking team’s progress is interrupted by a foul, sapping momentum and a potential extra point or goal.

It’s common in the NBA for teams to go into a fastbreak after a turnover, and just as a dunk is about to hit the highlight reel, the opposing team fouls. Although this is normal, many fans are often frustrated. However, things could change for the upcoming 2022-2023 season.

The NBA’s competition committee recently put forward a proposal that will change the “take fouls” transition.

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The committee met in Las Vegas last weekend to discuss the proposed rule changes. Their recommendations for rule changes will be presented to the Board of Governors, which sources say are expected to vote unanimously in favor of the change.

Fouls committed are overused by defending teams to disrupt counter-attacking opportunities that put them at a numerical disadvantage. Once the foul is committed, attacking teams are prompted to get the ball out of bounds, a tactic that often disrupts the flow of play and stalls.

The change to the grappling foul rule gives the offensive team one free throw and one possession if the opponent commits a grappling foul. The offensive team then selects a player to shoot the free throw – a foul rule introduced in the G League. If implemented, the change would initiate a significant change in the game.

The foul rule change won’t be the only proposal, as the competitions committee will also propose a stricter bench decorum that will impose tougher penalties.

The bench decorum includes players standing from the bench for long periods of play, blocking the view of fans seated behind them.

This became a big problem throughout the playoffs, as Dallas Mavericks players regularly stood up throughout the game and even walked into the court at times mid-game.

As a result, the Mavericks were slapped with a $175,000 fine. The competition committee will impose stiffer penalties for similar violations, as the NBA has received numerous complaints regarding the playoffs. However, it remains to be seen what the penalties will be.

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